About Idiro

Idiro is a pioneer in big data and advanced analytics. We help organisations, from Fortune 500 companies down to young start-ups, understand and improve their businesses by leveraging the inherent value of their data.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, we have a worldwide client list ranging from North America and the Caribbean to Europe, Asia the South Pacific.

To date, we have analyzed data on over 15% of the world's population.

We develop and deploy technologies that address particular analytical challenges such as the following:

  • Which of my customers are at risk of leaving?
  • What products should I sell to which customers?
  • Which customers are likely to be bad debtors?
  • Who are my most influential customers?
  • How can I improve my inventory management?
  • Which, if any, of our customers, are defrauding our business?

 If you have a data challenge - we can solve it!

Our ambition is to continuing leading the field of analytics while remaining a trusted business partner and a fun & challenging place to  work.


Our Team

About Idiro Aidan Connolly, CEO

Aidan Connolly

Chief Executive Officer

About Aidan

Aidan, founder of Idiro, has over 20 years experience in the IT industry including over 15 years in analytics & CRM for telecommunications, utilities and gaming.

Aidan has worked with numerous companies, including Vodafone Ireland, ESB, AT&T and the European Commission, and graduated from the University College Cork (U.C.C) with a BSc in Computer Science (1990) and a post-graduate diploma in New Business Development (2005) from Dublin City University, Ireland.


About Idiro Geraldine Magnier director of strategic projects

Geraldine Magnier

Director Of Strategic Projects

About Geraldine

Geraldine Magnier, a co-founder and director of Idiro, took on the role of company CFO in 2006. In that role, she was responsible for financial planning and fundraising, as well as overseeing the financial and legal activities of the company on a day to day basis. After 8 years as CFO, she recently took up the role of Strategic Director, with responsibility for managing the company’s macro direction across multiple sectors.

Having been awarded an Honours Degree in Business Management and Finance (B.Sc. Mgt) Trinity College Dublin in 1999, Geraldine started her career working in the Marketing department for a startup project management Company, The Results Group.  Subsequently in 2001, she acquired an additional degree in Marketing (Marketing Institute of Ireland) to complement her existing skills and experience. Since then, she has founded and managed businesses both in Ireland and Italy. While Geraldine’s business experience has spanned to cover financial planning, auditing and merger & acquisitions, she maintains a keen interest in early stage company development and relishes the challenges of nurturing and growing innovative young businesses.

About Idiro Fionnan Ryan CFO

Fionnan Ryan

Chief Financial Officer

About Fionnan Ryan

Fionnan is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience working in practice and industry. Prior to joining Idiro, he worked as a consultant to a number of companies across different sectors, including information technology, medical, aviation and social media.

Fionnan had been working with Idiro on a part-time basis since early 2013, but has now come on board as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Fionnan graduated with a degree in accounting from DCU and in 2012 he completed a diploma in Forensic Accounting.


About Idiro Brian Sullivan Chief Analytics Officer

Brian Sullivan

Chief Analytics Officer

Brian Sullivan

Brian’s professional experience spans a range of industries: telecommunication, gaming, finance, utility and public service organizations. Brian’s academic background is in the areas of computer science and statistics. He specialises in utilizing data analytics to drive evidence-based decision making and to help organizations operationalise analytical solutions. As a member of the management team, Brian leads the development of innovative marketing approaches using social network data. He leads a team of highly talented mathematicians, database developers and software engineers to process very large network data to help telecommunication companies and gaming companies to drive business value and save costs. He also manages very large data operations to deliver real time social network analysis output for operators worldwide.

About Idiro Etienne Dumoulin head of product development

Étienne Dumoulin

Head Of Product Development

About Étienne

Étienne joined Idiro in 2011. He attended the Grandes Écoles, holding a Computer Science & Modelling Masters Degree from ISIMA (Institut Supérieur d’Informatique de Modélisation et de leurs Applications) and an Imaging-Vision Masters Degree from Blaise Pascal university, Clermont-Ferrand France.

Since 2012, he has been leading the new product development team in Idiro.  Étienne specialises in Big Data technology (Apache Hadoop and ecosystem), web development, Oracle development and Linux system. He is passionate about developing, modelling and simulating on big data sets as well as learning about technology. Also, he always strives to discover more creative solutions and methods for everyday development tasks.


About Idiro Simon Rees marketing & clients director

Simon Rees

Marketing & Clients Director

About Simon

Simon has worked in marketing, sales and CRM since 1986. Simon started his career in marketing at Cable & Wireless UK, in product management, product development, and project management roles.  In 1996 Simon moved to Eircell (now Vodafone Ireland) to work in product marketing management, where he led the service design team for Eircell’s hugely successful ‘Ready to go’ prepaid mobile offering. During this time, he also completed an MA in marketing.  Simon’s time in Vodafone Ireland also included responsibility for technology strategy. In 2005, Simon joined Idiro.

In Idiro, Simon is responsible for relationships with existing customers and for the marketing function.  He also provides marketing consultancy to Idiro’s customers.


About Idiro Vanessa Quintas & DevOps Manager

Vanessa Quintas

DevOps Manager

About Vanessa

Vanessa holds a Degree in Computer Engineering from Simon Bolivar University – Venezuela, and a Masters Degree in Project Management from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School - Ireland. She joined Idiro as a database technical specialist in 2012, with extensive experience in database management, data integration, data quality checking, performance tuning, reporting and Business Intelligence. Vanessa is currently leading a team of highly talented developers and operators specializing in building and maintaining a core set of automation tools for data integration and running statistical models.

Vanessa is constantly working hard leading her team towards continuous improvements (in products and processes), to work more efficiently and to bring high-quality products to the customer quickly and effectively.