Global smartphone market will grow 49.2% in 2011

According to recent statistics by IDC, the research firm predicts that the smartphone sector will grow four times faster than the wider phone market, with Android devices expected to lead the space.

Idiro’s recent study on virality also found that smartphones are without doubt the most viral of handsets. We found the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to the be the most viral. Using Idiro’s analytics, mobile operators can benefit from better marketing solutions to increase acquisition, data driven usage and customer retention, and to reduce churn.

Number Portability and Vodafone Ghana

As the National Communications Association (NCA) prepares to launch mobile number portability (MNP) in July, operators have started campaigns that will help retain their existing customers and also win some of their competitors’ customers.

Vodafone Ghana has taken the lead in an attempt to improve their market share. From last Wednesday anyone who buys a new Vodafone Ghana sim card will enjoy double bonus on every amount they recharge for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

In other news regarding MNP, a technical glitch has further delayed the rollout of MNP in UAE. This has been delayed on several occasions since it was first announced in 2009.

MNP is both a major threat and opportunity for mobile operators. Idiro’s solution can help operators cope better with MNP, and help reduce churn and increase retention.

Lectures on Viral Marketing

DMI students participating in a word-of-mouth marketing workshop
DMI students participating in a word-of-mouth marketing workshop

Idiro’s director of sales and marketing, Simon Rees, has been busy educating students on word-of-mouth and viral marketing on professional marketing courses.

During this quarter he has delivered lectures on viral marketing to students at the Irish Management Institute, the Dublin Institute of Technology and the Digital Marketing Institute.

New guidelines by Ofcom

Enabling mobile users in the UK to port their numbers to a new service provider within hours. To switch operator, customers require a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from the operator they are churning from. New rules state that operators must provide PACs immediately over the phone or within two2 hours via text message. A quicker and easier way of number portability inevitably increases churn for the operator. Implementing and using Idiro’s SNA solution can greatly benefit mobile operators in reducing churn and increasing retention.

Next best actions in CRM – Teleconference in May

Forrester Senior Analyst James G. Kobielus will use this conference to help CRM and business process professionals to identify opportunities to implement next-best-action approaches into multi-channel CRM processes, such as those for customer services, sales and marketing. He will be discussing some case studies on various vendors including Idiro Technologies

Switching providers to get a better deal

The latest ComReg Irish Communications Market report shows that in 2010, more Irish mobile phone users than ever opted to switch mobile phone operator and keep their number, with a record 352,140 customers jumping ship last year to get a better deal. The trend intensified in the final quarter of 2010 when more than 115,216 consumers switched their mobile provider. That’s more than 1,250 per day.
Using Idiro’s analytics, mobile operators could benefit from better marketing solutions to increase their customer retention and reduce churn. Our solution is ideally suited to helping mobile operators tackle churn resulting from mobile number portability.

IIR conference on Telecooms CEM, CRM and retention

Idiro Technologies was heavily involved in the recent IIR conference on telecoms CEM, CRM and retention. At the request of IIR, Idiro hosted a one-day pre-conference masterclass on using Social Network Analysis (SNA) for retention and CRM. The masterclass enjoyed a high degree of interaction from the 15 attendees. Two case studies on best practice use of SNA for mobile operator marketing were included, and the participants left with a detailed knowledge of SNA, its implementation and its benefits.

The conference itself was generally deemed very successful with many operator case studies and a great deal of information sharing. The first day included another mobile operator case study on Idiro SNA, and on the second day, two speakers made detailed reference to SNA and its benefits for mobile operators. 

Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly to speak at IT Expo Miami

Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly To Speak AT IT Expo 4th February. Panel Discussion Examines How Customer Data Can Reduce Churn, Drive Profitability


Dublin, Ireland 25 January, 2011

Idiro Technologies, the leading provider of Social Network Analysis (SNA) solutions for communications service providers, announced that Aidan Connolly, Idiro’s Chief Executive Officer, has agreed to speak at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. Connolly will participate in the panel session “Transformational Contact Center Results: Improving the Customer Experience,” set for 12 noon on 4 February. IT Expo will take place 2nd – 4th February at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“IT Expo is considered one of the foremost events for communications technology providers, partners, and users,” said Connolly. “The event continues to be an important vehicle for educating and showcasing technologies that can have a dramatic impact on improving customer relationships, and in essence, building profitability. We are grateful for the opportunity to speak at IT Expo, and discuss some of the emerging trends and solutions that will allow providers to better understand and serve their customers.”

“Idiro has been the standard-bearer in terms of providing advanced SNA solutions to market,” said Dave Rodriguez, president of Technology Marketing Corporation, organizers of IT Expo. “We are delighted that Aidan can join us and share his knowledge and vision regarding the next generation of data-driven CRM solutions entering the market.”

About Idiro

Founded in 2004, Idiro is the foremost provider of Social Network Analysis (SNA) solutions to communications service providers. Idiro’s customers include major operators throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Idiro’s solutions give service providers unparalleled visibility into customer behavior and propensities. As a result operators can cost-effectively reduce churn, sell new services, enhance relationships, and improve profitability.

Idiro advises Reach Out Ireland on Viral Marketing

Idiro is providing pro bono consultancy and resources to assist Reach Out in developing a community presence.

In perfecting its expertise in data-driven viral marketing, Idiro has spent a number of years researching academic knowledge and business best practice in word-of-mouth marketing. In addition, Idiro has been deeply involved in the development, implementation and measurement of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns by its own customers for over five years.

Aidan Connolly, Idiro CEO said, “Idiro is pleased to share our expertise in word-of mouth marketing with an organisation like Reach Out, which is committed to addressing the tragedy of youth suicide.”

About Reach Out:

Reach Out is a web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times, and find ways to improve their own mental health and well-being. Reach Out’s aim is to improve young people’s mental health and well-being by building skills and providing information, support and referrals in ways we know work for young people.

Reach Out is run by the Inspire Ireland Foundation ( Inspire’s mission is to help young people lead happier lives.

Idiro selected as ‘One to watch’ in prestigious Stratecast report

Idiro Technologies has been selected as one of ‘Ten to watch’ in Frost & Sullivan’s Stratecast report on its report “Global OSS/BSS Rat Pack  Stratecast’s 10 To Watch in 2010”.

Commenting on Idiro’s inclusion in the report, Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly stated “Idiro is delighted to be recognised as a leader in this report.  It is a measure of Idiro’s influence on the analytics market”

Within its section on Idiro, the report states:

“This small, but innovative company has garnered multiple accolades in its short tenure. Recent accomplishments of note include: a € 3.56 million grant from Science Foundation Ireland to provide research on consumer interaction and the commercial opportunities that result from the interactions; business with O2 UK and Vodafone in several countries; award-winning projects with Telefonica/O2, in which Idiro demonstrated the ability to reduce churn and understand the viral nature of that CSP’s iPhone sales; and the establishment of sales offices in North America and Latin America, from which the company will seek to expand its revenues.”

The full report can currently be viewed online here.