Dec 2016

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What does the data analytics landscape look like in Ireland?
Check out the results of our survey and see whether you won the €100 voucher.
A few weeks ago, we here at Idiro Analytics decided to run a survey on the data analytics landscape of Ireland. Our hope was to get a better insight into the data analytics field here in Ireland and gain a better understanding of where Ireland stands in the global analytics industry.
As with any field, it can be too easy to only focus on your own area and what works for you, but having an overview of what

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Idiro researcher invited to speak at MACSI 10
The importance of academic research has never been underestimated here at Idiro Analytics. Encouraging our analysis to explore new and innovative technologies and techniques to solving data problems has always been a part of Idiro’s company culture.
Bridging the gap between academic research and industry is an area Idiro are very proud to be involved in. With this in mind, we're happy to report that our colleague Davide Cellai was invited to be a speaker in the workshop to celebrate 10 years of MACSI.
This is Davide’s report from the event:
"Last week I participated, as

Nov 2016

Major International Telco chooses Red Sqirl
One of the first commercial users of the Red Sqirl analytics platform for Big Data is a multinational telco, which has deployed Red Sqirl in two countries and is using it to deliver analytics on its Hadoop platform. This customer has asked to remain anonymous.   Red Sqirl is a flexible drag-and-drop Big Data analytics platform with a unique open architecture. Red Sqirl makes it easy for analysts and data scientists to analyse the data on your Hadoop platform.  
The problem
This multinational telco operates on four continents worldwide. Unfortunately, for historical reasons these operating companies

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A sentiment analysis of a Premier League game: Man United vs Arsenal One of the biggest rivalries in the English Premier League is the one between Manchester United and Arsenal. Less so in recent years since the retirement of Alex Ferguson, but still a hugely anticipated match between two of the world's biggest clubs.One of the major outlets for fans of these two clubs to voice their opinions and feelings about upcoming games is Twitter. With a Twitter fanbase of 9.31M for Man United and 8.48M for Arsenal, it can be a great source of data about how the fans

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What do the Irish think about Trump and Clinton?

Comparing Irish people's opinions to the rest of the world
It’s everyone's favourite subject right now, the US election. Unless you've somehow avoided consuming any form of media over the last few months, you'll have no doubt been exposed to a lot of opinions and "facts" about the two front runners for the US election Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
With such a media overload, it's hard not to form our own ideas about who should be elected and who shouldn't. It's a strange phenomenon, the world being so invested in an

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Can Ireland beat the All Blacks? Irish people really believe they can
There's an excited buzz in the air for Irish rugby supporters right now. Tomorrow, once again, Ireland will take on the All Blacks, in an attempt to break a 27-time losing streak (and 1 draw), against unquestionably the greatest rugby nation in the world.
And you might think, what's the big deal, this isn't a major tournament, there are no records to be broken, it's being played in a country that doesn't have a love for the sport, nothing is really on the line. This is just one more attempt

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Where Red Sqirl lies in the Big Data landscape

Today, Big Data is the platform of choice for storing, exploring, visualising and modelling your data.

In order to get where it is today, there have been a number of distinct generations of Big Data, each one advancing on from the one before it. The first generation simply gave us the ability to analyse Petabytes of data with tools like MapReduce. The next generation gave us more responsive tools for analysing data such as Spark, Impala and Prestodb. Now, this third generation sees the emergence of tools for moving data around

Oct 2016

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On Bank Holiday weekends we’re used to reading about people being killed on Irish roads. But which counties have the most dangerous roads?

Although Dublin and Cork have had the highest number of fatalities, does that mean they have the most dangerous roads in the country or do other factors need to be taken into account?

As with most bank holiday weekends, there is a heightened risk of driving over the next few days. This can mainly be attributed to higher volumes of traffic as many people visit family and friends and in doing so, undertake long road journeys.

The Road Safety Authority

Sep 2016

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Mayo to beat Dublin by one point
in the All-Ireland replay

In the two weeks following an All-Ireland final containing 2 own goals and a draw that nobody predicted, a trend seems to be forming among GAA supporters; Dublin underperformed and Mayo may have missed their chance. The consensus being that for the replay, Dublin will ‘click into gear’ and play ‘their’ game and come out on top.

But is this really the case?

Most seemed to think the 2016 title belonged to Dublin before they even stepped into Croke Park on that rainy Sunday afternoon, but by looking at the numbers, we

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Mayo to beat Dublin by one point

All the Dubs and Mayo people will give you an answer, of course, but can data analytics predict the outcome of this weekend's All-Ireland final, or more impressive yet, the score?

Predicting the outcome of a single game is a difficult task, predicting a winner of a league competition would be a much safer bet.

In a league competition, teams would play a lot of games, diminishing the impact of losses on their overall performance. And although they may falter a few times, underperform, fail to capitalise on chances etc. over the course of a

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The benefits of playing Pokemon Go There are plenty of articles about Pokemon Go around the internet, some outlining the frustrations of trying to go about your day without having to sidestep someone staring at their phone, others showing the "mass hysteria" caused by the sighting of a Charizard, and many more about the accidents people have gotten themselves into while playing.But few people are discussing why this game has become such a huge success and embraced it for what it is, a fun trending topic which has potential benefits.So to understand this rise in popularity let's cast

May 2016

When it comes to buying houses, people in Dublin are clearly superstitious

Who would have thought that in this day and age, the Irish people would still be suffering from this ancient affliction? The terrible problem of Triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of the number thirteen.
The Irish people, as a nation have achieved many great things, we’ve become one of the biggest technology capitals in Europe, we’ve produced some of the world's greatest athletes and sports stars, we’ve lead the way in giving equal rights to every citizen, not to mention the musicians and actors that other countries would love to

Mar 2016

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Three and a half degrees of separation?

Last month a team of researchers at Facebook posted an article where they update the "mean degree of separation" of Facebook users. You have most probably heard of the "Six Degrees of Separation" legend: between you and me, as between anyone in the world, there is a chain of acquaintances that connect us; this chain is at most 6 steps long. In other words, you know somebody, who knows somebody, ..., who knows me! Apparently, this idea dates back to Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian writer from the first half of the 20th

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On the 1st of March, five Idiro staff members braved the wind and rain to take part in the Dublin Night Run in Sandymount.

Idiro are extremely proud to have staff take part in events such as these, to raise money for local charities. The money raised by Idiro's runners from this event will be donated to the Wicklow Hospice Foundation. After a long fundraising campaign by the Wicklow community, construction will soon begin on a new hospice facility at Magheramore in Brittas Bay. The hospice will provide 15 new beds for those in need and will cater to the

Feb 2016

On the 2nd of February Idiro Analytics, along with our partners Alternatives, hosted a breakfast seminar for over 70 senior executives in the Irish market.
The seminar “Where are you on the data analytics journey”, was very successful in highlighting key issues surrounding data analytics in business, and informing the attendees about the potential benefits of data analytics and processes involved in getting started on the analytics journey.
The event was facilitated by Charley Stoney, Managing Director of Alternatives and the panel of speakers consisted of:
Richard Harris, Head of Online Marketing & Customer Intelligence, Paddy Power/Betfair,

Jan 2016

Academic research has always been important to Idiro - that's how we became world leaders in the application of Social Network Analysis (SNA) techniques to telecommunications business problems.  It is also why our CEO is on the board of CeADAR, the Irish Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research.
So we are happy to report that our colleague Davide Cellai, who has been working on advanced uses of SNA in solving telecommunications business problems, this week gave a seminar at the University of Aalto, Finland on his advanced SNA churn research.  Davide says:
"Last Thursday I was invited to give a seminar at the University of

Oct 2015

Here at Idiro Analytics we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new re-designed website, which has gone live today at

Following our recent name change earlier this year, we wanted to provide our customers, and potential new customers, with a new website that more accurately represents Idiro Analytics, what we do, and how we have grown from where we began back in 2003.

We have carefully designed a new website layout, that now has a better user experience, and will help our customers find all the information they need about Idiro, and answer any questions they may have.


Sep 2015

Buying an Irish lottery ticket for the weekend draw? Hold on a minute.

Here’s why you should not buy an Irish lottery ticket until the weekend.  This month changes take effect in Ireland’s national lottery game – they are adding two numbers, so we now pick from 47 numbers. The odds of each row winning will now be just under one in eleven million. Expect more rollover draws, bigger wins and fewer winners.  And if you buy a Saturday ticket on the previous Sunday, you have a bigger chance of being murdered before the draw than you have of winning the

Aug 2015

Idiro are proud to sponsor the August meetup

of Girl Geek Dinner Ireland. The GGD Ireland initiative was formed as part of the wider International Girl Geek Dinners to promote the exchange of knowledge and to provide a platform for women in technology and science to network in Ireland. Sarah Lamb, the founder of Girl Geek Dinners started this group with a few friends in London and the rest as they say, is history. The dinners grew in size and various types of cuisine, but the format has stayed consistent, more or less. Informal, casual but focussed on delivering and

Jul 2015

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DUBLIN, 27th, July 2015 – Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral co-location data centre services, today announces that it has been selected by Idiro Analytics, the analytics services provider, to host its worldwide data centre services in Dublin, Ireland.

Idiro Analytics, whose head office is based in Dublin, provides advanced analytical services and software to its clients around the world. Interxion’s appointment provides Idiro with the unparalleled connectivity options to meet clients’ needs as well as a highly secure and reliable service.

Speaking about the deal, Aidan Connolly, CEO of Idiro said “When looking for a data centre provider,

Apr 2015

Idiro's Simon Rees has been invited to speak at Ireland's National Conference on Cloud Computing and Commerce in Dublin City University on the 14th of April 2015.

Simon will speak on 'Analysing customer networks for influencer marketing' within the conference's Analytics track.  He explained: "It is an honour to be invited to address this conference.  This talk will focus on Idiro's pioneering work on Social Network Analysis - but with a heavy emphasis on bringing business value through advanced analytics.  This talk is aimed at businesses that wish to gain competitive advantage through big data analytics".

To register for the conference, visit

Feb 2015

Many commentators have noted the rise of messaging applications such as Facebook messenger, Google hangouts, WhatsApp and the granddaddy of them all, Skype - and predicted the demise of SMS.  This graph, from Irish regulator COMREG's Q3 2014 market report, shows it clearly.  We await the Q4 report to see whether Q3 is a blip or the decline of SMS is starting to bottom out.

However, most of us still use SMS regularly - and SMS is here to stay.

Why is this?  Well, SMS offers some unique advantages:

SMS is ubiquitous. If your friend has a mobile number, then you know they can receive

Jan 2015

Idiro are thrilled to announce that we will be attending this years GSMA Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona with our partners, Apliman, from March 2-5.

MWC, 'the world's greatest mobile event', acknowledges and showcases that we, as an industry, are on 'The Edge of Innovation' and this is something that resonates strongly with all of us here in Idiro. We are constantly striving to be innovative, original and efficient in our approach to understanding our customers and their needs.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us during the first two days of the event (March 2-3), please contact our Analytical Solutions Manager, Clare Curtin, who

Dear customers,

We have just renamed our company from Idiro Technologies to Idiro Analytics. It is a minor change but we felt it was important to do as it more accurately reflects the service that we have been delivering to our customers since our inception.

While we continue to innovate and develop new technology our customers are primarily focused on the benefits we deliver rather than on the underlying technology used to deliver those benefits. As such, we felt that changing the company name to Idiro Analytics would communicate the nature of our business in a more precise manner.

On behalf of everyone here

Idiro are proud to announce the St. Valentines Venetian Masquerade Ball, which promises to be one of the most captivating and enchanting events of the 2015 Dublin social calendar.

This event, which will take place in Thomas Prior Hall in Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge, will raise much needed funds for two extremely worthy causes; Dogs Trust and Liquid Therapy.

Dogs Trust is Ireland's largest dog welfare charity. As well as working to reduce the amount of unwanted puppies and prevent straying, they are also responsible for re-homing over 1000 dogs each year. Their National Subsidised Neutering & Microchipping campaign and Education programmes for children are

Dec 2014

Over the last couple of weeks a few interesting research items on social psychology and social network analysis have crossed our desks - so we have compiled them into this collection of research tidbits for Christmas.  Enjoy!
In-flight influence
People near us influence our in-flight purchases

First up, a study that shows how the decisions of people around us influence our decisions, even if we don't know the people.  This elegant piece of analysis, written up in this working paper and covered by the Washington Post (albeit with a misleading headline) shows how our decisions about whether to purchase in-flight food and drink are influenced by those around

We need data and it needs us. Every day, businesses are using data to learn more about their customers, better-target their marketing campaigns and increase their ROI. The right data can do a lot for your business, but without the right people to analyse, interpret and utilise it, your business goals can suffer.

A problem users of data face sometimes is that they are guilty of 'cherry-picking' the data they need to support ideas and opinions that they already have. As put in this article by Tom Fishburne: "Data doesn’t have biases. It’s people who collect and select the data who bring bias

A recent study by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association has produced some interesting and insightful figures relating to the power of Word Of Mouth marketing. The study focused on offline WOM conversations as well as social media. Some of the key points that resulted from the study are as follows:

- WOM drives 13% of consumer sales in the US, which amounts to $6 trillion annually
- WOM boosts effect of paid media by 15%
- Offline WOM accounts for two thirds of sales impact, with online social media accounting for one third
- An offline WOM impression drives 5 times the sales

Nov 2014

Idiro Technologies were proud to sponsor the Kilkenomics 2014 economics and comedy festival last week which, once again, was a huge success in County Kilkenny. Top economists, bankers and academics from all over the world joined Irish economist and broadcaster David McWilliams, along with some of Ireland's top stand-ups and comedians, for a long weekend of intensely entertaining debates and stripped back Q & A sessions, not to mention a great deal of laughs in the back rooms of many of Kilkenny's public houses.

David McWilliams spoke highly of Idiro over the course of the weekend and acknowledged that Idiro are an "amazing company

Oct 2014


Atlanta & Dublin – 28th October 2014

NEWTOMS and Idiro Technologies Announce Partnership

Pictured L-R: Winston Rivero, co-Founder and Executive Director & John Dunne, Idiro Chief Commercial Officer

NEWTOMS, Subject Matter Experts and leading provider of specialized professional services related to Data Collection-Mediation, and Idiro Technologies, a leading provider of advanced data analytics and pioneers in Social Network Analysis Technology today announced a partnership.  This partnership gives NEWTOMS the right to offer Idiro’s services in the Latin American markets and strengthens its Mediation, Insight, Action orientation around CDR Analytics and Telco Industry; similarly the alliance gives Idiro Technologies the right to offer

Sep 2014

CeADAR, the Centre for Applied Data Analytics, has held a series of open days in Dublin and Cork, focused on demonstrating how it can transform information or ‘big data’, into insight and into value for its industry partners.

The event entitled 'Big Data Analytics: Technology's Hottest Trend' included a series of prototype demonstrations along with a numbers of speakers from industry and academia.

CeADAR is an industry-led Technology Centre for the development and deployment of analytical technology and innovation and is headquartered at NexusUCD, the Industry Partnership Centre at University College Dublin.

Aidan Connolly, CEO, Idiro said, "Initiatives like CeADAR ensure that big

Idiro Technologies, specialists in advanced and predictive analytics, today announced that its CEO, Mr. Aidan Connolly, will speak at CeADAR's upcoming 'Big Data Analytics: Technology's Hottest Trend' event.

CeADAR, the Centre for Applied Data Analytics, will host the event in Stillorgan Park Hotel on September 18th. Idiro's CEO, Aidan Connolly, will speak at the event about big data analytics and the work that Idiro have been doing with CeADAR to date.CeADAR is an industry-led Technology Centre for the development and deployment of analytical technology and innovation. Technology Centres are a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and the IDA with funding provided by

Dublin, 5th September 2014Enterprise Ireland have been carrying out a Software & Internationally Traded Services Trade Mission in Australia this week (September 1-5) which has been led by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, Richard Bruton and Enterprise Ireland’s CEO Julie Sinnamon. The objective of the mission has been to highlight Irish technology capabilities in supplying financial services, telecoms, healthcare and travel sectors and to grow exports of the indigenous software and services companies travelling on the mission to Australia.

Idiro Analytics, a leading provider of advanced data analytics, today announced it has signed a deal with 2degrees, a leading New Zealand

Aug 2014

AT&T’s Greg Pharo recently joined Ed Keller of the Keller Fay Group for a webinar on the Return-On-Investment of Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) marketing. He shared insightful information on AT&T’s research into WOM and the significant role it plays in driving new customer acquisition.
Keller stated at the beginning of the webinar that in a recent study, approximately 85% of marketers in the US couldn’t show the ROI of WOM marketing, despite plans to increase their budget spend in the category. A McKinsey article also noted WOM as being the most ‘disruptive’ marketing factor, adding that WOM is responsible for 2.1 billion daily

Yours truly went to a wedding last weekend. Many of us go through a stage where we go to half-a-dozen weddings in a year, as our friends all seem to get hitched within a couple of years of each other.   And great fun it is too.  There is some anecdotal evidence getting married is contagious - perhaps attending the wedding makes one's own nuptials more urgent (for the woman) or inevitable (for the man)?  Perhaps when one's friends do it, the logistics start to feel doable.  The tragic phenomenon of copycat suicide is well known in academia, and media guidelines have been developed

May 2014

My wife has just bought a new car.  We made a shortlist and test-drove three, but the early front-runner was the one that her friend Bernie drives and recommended.  And so it came to pass that that she bought the same car as Bernie has. It's a great car incidentally - but without Bernie's recommendation, it is unlikely that my wife would have considered it.

I thought of Bernie when I read an Adweek article about a survey carried out by the USA-based 'Ladies' Home Journal' on the ways in which women influence others' purchases.  Adweek published an interesting infographic on the survey.


At this stage, everyone in marketing understands the power of word-of-mouth - which Tom Fishburne's cartoon, below, elegantly illustrates. Organisations with link data - telcos, gaming companies, social networks and the like - can take a scientific approach to word-of-mouth marketing (aka influencer marketing) by deploying Social Network Analysis algorithms to target the influencers - or the influenced.   Idiro is a pioneer in this space.

Over the past few weeks we have been talking with two mobile operators who, prior to talking to Idiro, had each run projects to evaluate the benefit of Social Network Analysis (SNA) for improving targeting in marketing.  However, in

Apr 2014

The warmer weather in Northern Europe has put some of us Idiro folk in mind of music festivals.  That reminds us of how we helped a mobile operator not so long ago.

This mobile operator customer of Idiro's, like many of its peers, sponsors music festivals and concerts in order to build brand preference - and to reward loyal customers.

Historically, the telco gave VIP tickets away to customers chosen for their high spend or long tenure.  However, a perennial problem with free tickets is that many more customers will say yes to free VIP tickets than will actually turn up on the day.  Typically this

Mar 2014

Dublin, Ireland; Beirut, Lebanon:

Idiro Announces Partnership with Apliman.

Idiro Announces Partnership with Apliman

Idiro Technologies, a leading provider of advanced data analytics for enterprises, today announced a partnership with Apliman, a leading provider of carrier-grade telecom solutions in the Middle East.  This partnership gives Apliman the exclusive right to offer Idiro services in Middle East markets.  

Idiro's Social Network Analysis (SNA) platform is a scalable solution capable of analyzing billions of transactions and the hundreds of millions of users who generate them. According to Rabie Al Masri, COO of Apliman, "This partnership will help put Apliman and Idiro at the forefront

Feb 2014

In 1991, US landline carrier MCI launched an offer that was to be copied by fixed and mobile telcos across the world - its 'Friends and family' tariff and campaign.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a world without competitive telecoms, but competition in US telecoms had only begun, slowly, from 1984 (in Europe, competitive telecoms began with Mercury Communications in 1982).  The USA telecoms market was split between the local exchange carriers (LECs) and the long-distance carriers.  At the time, there were three significant long-distance operators in the USA - AT&T, the incumbent, plus MCI and Sprint, the challengers.

MCI's early

Dec 2013

Idiro has a long relationship with Santa, as reported in previous blog posts.  Idiro has been applying Social Network Analysis techniques to assist Santa in discriminating between the naughty and the nice.

Therefore, the announcement (see news report, above) that Santa has chosen to locate his workshop to Ireland came as no surprise to the Idiro team. An unnamed elf, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the power of Idiro analytics and Santa's long relationship with Idiro was a major factor in Santa's decision to relocate his operations to Ireland

Welcome to Ireland, Santa.  Merry Christmas to all our customers, partners

Nov 2013

In the never-ending quest to find new ways to measure a company's success with its customers (and to earn fees for the consultants that promote them), the Customer Effort Score has become one of the more fashionable tools.
What is the Customer Effort Score?
For some years, companies have been exhorted to delight their customers - the idea being that delighted customers become loyal and tell their friends how good the service / product is.  This approach has given us the popular and fashionable Net Promoter Score, for example.

The idea behind the Customer Effort Score is that most customers of most companies

At Idiro, we are constantly searching for word-of-mouth case studies to help our customers understand and apply best practice in word-of-mouth and influencer marketing, in order that they gain maximum value from Idiro's social network analysis service.  Here are some instructive examples from the past. The New Yorker recently published an article by Atul Gawande about how two innovations - anaesthesia and antisepsis - revolutionised medical science.  One - the use of ether as an anaesthetic - spread quickly through the medical community, whereas the other - the use of hygienic practices by surgeons to minimise infection - took far

Oct 2013

Freddie McBride of CEPT presenting on service portability

I had the privilege of attending the IQPC Number Portability Global Summit earlier this month.

Number portability has been important for the development of competition in telecoms.  The conference addressed a wide variety of topics around the subject.

Here are some of the points that resonated:

According to one speaker, 75 countries have implemented number portability (NP) on their fixed (FNP) or mobile (MNP) networks.
Many others, including Jamaica, Trinidad, Afghanistan, Armenia, Togo and Tunisia are likely to implement number portability by the end of 2014.
Some countries, e.g. Russia, are struggling against technical and

Idiro Technologies, a leading provider of advanced data analytics for enterprises, today announced a partnership with Manx Telecom, a provider of world class data centre solutions. 
The partnership with Idiro Technologies will combine Manx Telecom’s world class hosting expertise with Idiro’s unique predictive and social network analysis platform, providing the ability to handle big data, analyse it and effectively use it for commercial advantage. Manx Telecom Intelligent Analytics – powered by Idiro – will be an addition to Manx Telecom’s hosting and eGaming proposition and can be applied in a number of sectors including egaming, financial services, hospitality, retail, and utilities.

Sep 2013

Dr. Daniel Birke's book

A former employee of Idiro, Dr. Daniel Birke, has published a book entitled 'Social Networks and their Economics - Influencing Consumer Choice'.

The book is a practical guide to using Social Network Analysis to understand and influence consumers' business decisions.  Based in part on Daniel's experiences during his time at Idiro, the book:

Explores network effects and the analysis of social networks, and provides an overview of the state-of-the art research.
Looks at consumption interdependences between friends and peers: Who is influencing who, through which channels, and to what degree?
Presents statistical methods and research techniques that

Nielsen have just published their latest report on Global trust in advertising and brand messages.

It finds, as did the previous report published in 2007, that word-of-mouth is the most trusted source of commercial information.

Word-of-mouth communication, sometimes called 'Earned Advertising' is a full 15 percentage points above its nearest rival. The accompanying press release states:
"Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, often referred to as earned advertising, are still the most influential, as 84 percent of global respondents across 58 countries to the Nielsen online survey said this source was the most trustworthy."
Not only is word-of-mouth the most trusted source of information,

Idiro Technologies, a leading provider of advanced data analytics for enterprises, today announced it is to speak at the 2013 Global Summit on Number Portability.

As described in a recent Idiro blog post, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is an important topic for nearly all mobile telcos.  Many countries allow customers to switch operators and keep their number.  Among those countries that have not implemented it yet, many are working towards implementation.

MNP is important for telecomms markets because it removes a bar to switching that keeps those with much equity in the number - in particular many business users - prisoner behind

Jul 2013

Ten years ago today, our company was formed with the mission of bringing the science of Social Network Analysis to the telecoms industry.

Aidan Connolly's original idea was as simple as it was groundbreaking: to apply the little-known principles of Social Network Analysis, the science of groups, to the call records (CDRs) generated by the mobile phone industry to map customer relationships - and to use these social graphs to help mobile network operators do better marketing.  Idiro SNA, as it came to be known, identifies the influencers and the influenced - and by targeting these people with the right offers,

May 2013

© GSMA Intelligence 2013

According to a GSMA Wireless Intelligence report just published, prepaid mobile has peaked. The proportion of mobile customers opting for prepaid plans is forecast to decline  as postpaid becomes more popular worldwide, except in the Americas.

This does seem to tally with the facts on the ground as Idiro experiences them - our mobile operator customers worldwide are finding that their consumer users are switching in larger number from prepaid plans to postpaid.

However, extrapolating this to a long-term trend is not so obvious.

From when Portuguese operator TMN gave us the world's first prepaid mobile

He who hesitates is lost...

A good friend said to me recently that Big Data and analytics is a bit like teenagers and sex; everybody is talking about it but very few are actually doing it. I think he may need to update his knowledge of teenage behaviour but I got his point nonetheless.

The rush to Big Data has the usual hallmarks of other past industry hot trends i.e. lots of hot air and hype. Additionally, there are a lot of definitions of what Big Data actually is and what differentiates it from, say, your bog standard Oracle

Mar 2013

A recent article on smartphones in says:
"Smartphone technology has swiftly reached the point where most future improvements will be incremental. This means that from now on launches of new smartphones will be about as exciting as the latest operating system from Microsoft. This means the primary reason to buy a new smartphone is because you just dropped yours in the toilet."
Which begs the question - will smartphones continue to be highly viral?  Or, put another way, when people buy smartphones, will this continue to cause numbers of their friends to follow suit, as it currently does?

Jan 2013

Dublin, 22nd January 2013

Idiro Technologies, a leading provider of advanced data analytics for enterprises, today announced it has signed a deal with Digicel Group to provide data analytics to a number of the company’s operating entities around the globe.

As part of its assignment, Idiro will provide comprehensive subscriber analytics and related consulting to Digicel marketing teams, who will use the service to structure customer-facing acquisition and retention programs.

A recognized innovator in the development of advanced data analytics technology, Idiro’s solutions help mobile operators combat churn and improve customer acquisition rates by predicting which mobile users are most

Mobile number portability (MNP) is being rolled out by telecoms regulators across the world. Simply put, MNP means that a mobile phone user can switch providers and keep her/his number.

And when MNP is implemented in a country, it always results in an increase in churn.  This represents a huge challenge for the mobile operators.

Idiro can help.  Idiro has helped mobile operators in a number of markets to deal with the challenges of MNP.  We help operators to minimise MNP churn and to target the right customers for acquisition, post-MNP.  Using Idiro's Social Network Analysis (SNA) technology we use mobile operator

Dec 2012

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Idiro is delighted to announce that Santa will once again use Idiro's Social Network Analysis technology to help identify which child had been naughty and which nice.

Following the success of last year's joint project between Idiro and Santa, Idiro Technologies can reveal that its powerful SNA Plus technology will once again be used to help Santa with the massive task of sorting well-behaved children from naughty children, prior to the annual distribution of presents to good children at Christmas.  An innovative application of Idiro SNA Plus will be combined with Santa’s traditional datasets in order to increase the accuracy of

Nov 2012

Here's a refreshingly different take on using influencers to generate word-of-mouth and thereby increase revenue for a cellular telco.

U.S. Cellular: Local Relationships Support National Goals, presented by Sherri Maxson and Jessica Masterson from on Vimeo.

Too often we think of social influence in large-scale terms.  Here's an example of a mobile operator doing influencer marketing - starting small and building a community around influencers at local level.  Now, it strikes me that that this success won't be easy to copy - it requires a person like Sharif with strong social media and leadership skills to make the project work -

May 2012

In his latest cartoon, Mr. Fishburne has nailed it again, I think you'll agree. These days anybody who is anybody (and quite probably anybody who is nobody too) gets plenty of lazy, unsolicited connection requests from people they don't know.

And the questionable nature of online influence is not just a matter of connection spam. I have over 500 Linkedin contacts, none of whom are complete strangers. Would I be sure to recognise one of them at random, if she/he were to pass me on the street when I nip out for my lunch? Of course not! I'm human; I have an average memory

Mar 2012

OFCOM, the UK communications regulator, has just released its latest report on complaints about major telecoms providers in the UK. Some operators attract far more complaints than others. Of the mobile operators, Three UK attracts a consistently high level of complaints, while O2 UK customers tend to complain the least. This is an impressive achievement for O2.
One big problem with complaining behaviour is that it’s contagious. Idiro carried out a study recently for an Asian mobile operator on the viral spread of complaining among their customer base. The study found that friends of complainers were far more likely to complain themselves than the overall customer

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As Mr. Tom Fishburne says in this insightful cartoon and blog post, successful word-of-mouth marketing, over anything other than the very short term, isn't a simple matter of making a brilliant video, watching it go viral and waiting for the sales (or donations) to roll in.

I teach word-of-mouth marketing in Dublin's Digital Marketing Institute, and the most frequent question my students ask is 'how do you make something go viral?'  Would that it were that easy!

Success in word-of-mouth marketing, beyond the initial fad, is almost always a matter of hard work, listening to your customers, clever targeting, being different in the

Dec 2011

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Idiro Technologies can reveal that its powerful SNA Plus technology has been used to help Santa with the massive task of sorting well-behaved children from naughty children, prior to the annual distribution of presents to good children at Christmas.
For centuries, Santa has faced the daunting task of deciding which children had been nice (and would receive the present of their choice) and which had been naughty (and would receive a bag of coal or nothing at all).  Through the year, Santa’s research elves collect data on good and bad behaviour by children, resulting in a limited good / bad child

Oct 2011

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We, the internet generation (if you are reading this you are almost certainly online) sometimes forget that many people do not use the internet. This week I was surprised to read this report, which states 27% of the UK population still do not use the internet. Note that this measure is different to (and I think more useful than) measurements of internet connections or PCs. We ignore all these people at our peril. A poll predicting the outcome of the 1936 US presidential election got the result spectacularly wrong by polling telephone owners. This was in an age when telephones were

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The USA-based Word-of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) comes out with some useful stuff from time to time, including the infographic shown below. Of course, it's USA-focussed and it's lacking the detailed references that would increase its credibility, but nevertheless, it's interesting.  For more, browse WOMMA's resources section or show up at their conference next month.

With thanks to Jackie at Church of the Customer.

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Or so anthropologist Kate Fox claims in this BBC article. The evidence appears persuasive - in some cultures, when people get drunk they behave in ways that they would never do sober. In others, even very drunk people do not lose their inhibitions. Therefore, she argues, we should not blame the alcohol per se, but in fact blame the way in which our peers react to it. It's a fascinating theory, which ties in with the work of Christakis and Fowler, among others, on the influence that our peers have on our behaviour.

Maybe one way to tackle antisocial drinking might be to

Jul 2011

Social media sites such as Twitter, Tubmlr and Facebook can anonymize the identity of a user, while at the same time enabling them to relate a wide variety of information, comment and opinion. The sometimes spurious link between on-line identity and the message portrayed can be used to impersonate real or fictional personalities, occasionally providing a seeming credible account of current news and events.

However, a recent paper published by John D. Burger and colleagues suggests that a persons use of language can betray certain aspects of their (hidden) identity, most notably their gender.

Their study, entitled “Discriminating Gender on Twitter”, looks

Jun 2011

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As we all know, one of the largest social networks currently available on the internet is Facebook, with approximately 600 million active users, and upwards of a billion links (as of June 2011). You could do a lot of interesting data mining if you could get your hands on Facebook's data...and it seems you can. Apparently, almost 75% of Facebook users enable the default privacy that exposes their private data to web-crawlers. These web-crawlers can (and do) hop from link to link in Facebook, making it possible for them to navigate a large proportion of the entire Facebook listing. This is

Social Network Analysis is predicated upon the assumption that people tend to maintain links with their friends over time, by calling, texting, sending IM and otherwise interacting over various forms of Social Media. However, there tends to be an upper limit to the number of meaningful social relationships that can be maintained [1], even through the relative convenience of online networking through Facebook, MySpace, Sina Weibo, Studivz or Twitter to name but a few. A recent article in IEEE Spectrum suggests that on average people are capable of maintaining stable social links within up to approximately 150 people [2]. The

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As the discipline of social network analysis (SNA) develops and experiences wider adoption, it has become clear, at least to us here in Idiro, that there are a number of erroneous ideas circulating which undermine the integrity of SNA as it is applied to telecoms.

One idea that needs to be addressed is that alpha users or key influencers, if some vendors are to be believed, are the be all and end all of SNA. These vendors believe that all you need to do is target these key influencers with your product and you will experience massive product adoption. It’s a

May 2011

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Although the actions of individuals are known to be influenced by trends within their social network [1], their opinions and estimation processes may also be affected. In a recent study published by Jan Lorenz and Heiko Rauhut of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and also described by, the ability of crowds to accurately estimate a particular attribute declined as their knowledge of others' choices increased.

While additional predictive performance may be achieved when crowd-sourcing a certain question, the divergence of opinions narrows within the group as more information is made available to group members, potentially decreasing any accrued crowd wisdom.

Within the area

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We all knew this, right?

The Church of the Customer just blogged on some interesting research by Colloquy (as reported by Where do people most talk about brands? Face-to-face, actually! Even among 18-25s, it's the most popular medium.

In my humble opinion, the reason is largely provided by Robin Dunbar's ethnographic work on why people chat. Here's an image. The full report's available from Colloquy on (free) registration.

For more on how the power of word-of-mouth can help your business, contact

Apr 2011

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According to recent statistics by IDC, the research firm predicts that the smartphone sector will grow four times faster than the wider phone market, with Android devices expected to lead the space.

Idiro's recent study on virality also found that smartphones are without doubt the most viral of handsets. We found the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to the be the most viral. Using Idiro's analytics, mobile operators can benefit from better marketing solutions to increase acquisition, data driven usage and customer retention, and to reduce churn.

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As the National Communications Association (NCA) prepares to launch mobile number portability (MNP) in July, operators have started campaigns that will help retain their existing customers and also win some of their competitors’ customers.

Vodafone Ghana has taken the lead in an attempt to improve their market share. From last Wednesday anyone who buys a new Vodafone Ghana sim card will enjoy double bonus on every amount they recharge for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

In other news regarding MNP, a technical glitch has further delayed the rollout of MNP in UAE. This has been delayed

DMI students participating in a word-of-mouth marketing workshop

Idiro’s director of sales and marketing, Simon Rees, has been busy educating students on word-of-mouth and viral marketing on professional marketing courses.

During this quarter he has delivered lectures on viral marketing to students at the Irish Management Institute, the Dublin Institute of Technology and the Digital Marketing Institute.

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Enabling mobile users in the UK to port their numbers to a new service provider within hours. To switch operator, customers require a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from the operator they are churning from. New rules state that operators must provide PACs immediately over the phone or within two2 hours via text message. A quicker and easier way of number portability inevitably increases churn for the operator. Implementing and using Idiro's SNA solution can greatly benefit mobile operators in reducing churn and increasing retention.

Mar 2011

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The latest ComReg Irish Communications Market report shows that in 2010, more Irish mobile phone users than ever opted to switch mobile phone operator and keep their number, with a record 352,140 customers jumping ship last year to get a better deal. The trend intensified in the final quarter of 2010 when more than 115,216 consumers switched their mobile provider. That’s more than 1,250 per day.
Using Idiro's analytics, mobile operators could benefit from better marketing solutions to increase their customer retention and reduce churn. Our solution is ideally suited to helping mobile operators tackle churn resulting from mobile number portability.

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Idiro Technologies was heavily involved in the recent IIR conference on telecoms CEM, CRM and retention. At the request of IIR, Idiro hosted a one-day pre-conference masterclass on using Social Network Analysis (SNA) for retention and CRM. The masterclass enjoyed a high degree of interaction from the 15 attendees. Two case studies on best practice use of SNA for mobile operator marketing were included, and the participants left with a detailed knowledge of SNA, its implementation and its benefits.

The conference itself was generally deemed very successful with many operator case studies and a great deal of information sharing. The first day

Jan 2011

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Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly To Speak AT IT Expo 4th February. Panel Discussion Examines How Customer Data Can Reduce Churn, Drive Profitability

Dublin, Ireland 25 January, 2011

Idiro Technologies, the leading provider of Social Network Analysis (SNA) solutions for communications service providers, announced that Aidan Connolly, Idiro’s Chief Executive Officer, has agreed to speak at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. Connolly will participate in the panel session “Transformational Contact Center Results: Improving the Customer Experience,” set for 12 noon on 4 February. IT Expo will take place 2nd - 4th February at the Miami

Mar 2010

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Idiro is providing pro bono consultancy and resources to assist Reach Out in developing a community presence.

In perfecting its expertise in data-driven viral marketing, Idiro has spent a number of years researching academic knowledge and business best practice in word-of-mouth marketing. In addition, Idiro has been deeply involved in the development, implementation and measurement of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns by its own customers for over five years.

Aidan Connolly, Idiro CEO said, “Idiro is pleased to share our expertise in word-of mouth marketing with an organisation like Reach Out, which is committed to addressing the tragedy of youth suicide.”

About Reach Out:

Reach Out

Dec 2009

Idiro Technologies has been selected as one of 'Ten to watch' in Frost & Sullivan's Stratecast report on its report "Global OSS/BSS Rat Pack  Stratecast’s 10 To Watch in 2010".

Commenting on Idiro's inclusion in the report, Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly stated "Idiro is delighted to be recognised as a leader in this report.  It is a measure of Idiro's influence on the analytics market"

Within its section on Idiro, the report states:
"This small, but innovative company has garnered multiple accolades in its short tenure. Recent accomplishments of note include: a € 3.56 million grant from Science Foundation Ireland to provide research

Feb 2009

On the 25th of February 2009, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mary Coughlan T.D. announced the establishment of 5 new Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Strategic Research Clusters (SRCs). This represents a €23.9 million investment in ground-breaking, collaborative research activities involving seven academic institutions and 22 companies.

Idiro Technologies is part of the “Clique” Strategic Research Cluster, along with IBM and Norkom Technologies. SFI awarded Clique a grant of €3.56 million. University College Dublin is the lead academic institution for the Clique SRC.

The research offers new insights into how people interact and opens up commercial opportunities. “If a telecommunications

Oct 2008

DUBLIN, IRELAND, October 24th, 2008

Working together, Telefonica O2  and Idiro Technologies are breaking new ground in social networking applications. By understanding how and why people use their mobile phones, forward-thinking mobile operators can fine-tune marketing and churn reduction.  And Idiro have the silverware to prove it.

On October 23, the Telefonica O2/Idiro project was announced the winner of both the Best Use of Data in Technology, Communications and Web-based Services category and the overall Grand Prix Data Strategy award for 2008. The venue for the event was the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

The Telefonica O2 & Idiro team,