People and data; a truly symbiotic relationship


We need data and it needs us. Every day, businesses are using data to learn more about their customers, better-target their marketing campaigns and increase their ROI. The right data can do a lot for your business, but without the right people to analyse, interpret and utilise it, your business goals can suffer.

A problem users of data face sometimes is that they are guilty of ‘cherry-picking’ the data they need to support ideas and opinions that they already have. As put in this article by Tom Fishburne: “Data doesn’t have biases. It’s people who collect and select the data who bring bias to it.”

It’s imperative to your business goals that you and your business are using your data as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here at Idiro, we not only have the skills to turn your data into actionable insights but we also have the perfect people to help you use your data to it’s highest potential.

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Idiro sponsor hugely successful Kilkenomics festival

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Idiro Technologies were proud to sponsor the Kilkenomics 2014 economics and comedy festival last week which, once again, was a huge success in County Kilkenny. Top economists, bankers and academics from all over the world joined Irish economist and broadcaster David McWilliams, along with some of Ireland’s top stand-ups and comedians, for a long weekend of intensely entertaining debates and stripped back Q & A sessions, not to mention a great deal of laughs in the back rooms of many of Kilkenny’s public houses.

David McWilliams spoke highly of Idiro over the course of the weekend and acknowledged that Idiro are an “amazing company who have analysed over 14% of the world’s population” and are “a company that we should be focusing more on“.

For more information on Kilkenomics, you can read a review of the weekend here in a Liam Halligan article for London’s ‘Spectator’ magazine.

For more information on Idiro’s success in analytics, you can visit our case studies page here or contact us via

Idiro Announces Partnership with Newtoms


Atlanta & Dublin – 28th October 2014

NEWTOMS and Idiro Technologies Announce Partnership

Winston Rivero & John Dunne

Pictured L-R: Winston Rivero, co-Founder and Executive Director & John Dunne, Idiro Chief Commercial Officer

NEWTOMS, Subject Matter Experts and leading provider of specialized professional services related to Data Collection-Mediation, and Idiro Technologies, a leading provider of advanced data analytics and pioneers in Social Network Analysis Technology today announced a partnership.  This partnership gives NEWTOMS the right to offer Idiro’s services in the Latin American markets and strengthens its Mediation, Insight, Action orientation around CDR Analytics and Telco Industry; similarly the alliance gives Idiro Technologies the right to offer NEWTOMS’s specialized professional services related to Mediation and Interconnect billing solutions already widely deployed in Europe today.

Idiro’s advanced Social Network Analysis (SNA) platform helps Telco Marketing, Anti-fraud and Customer Experience staff to segment and target customers. Idiro uses voice, SMS and data traffic call detail records to build up a detailed picture of the social communities within the customer base. Idiro’s analytics are predominantly used to improve customer acquisition and customer retention and to increase ARPU via cross sell/upsell opportunities. Idiro SNA’s analytics focuses on the relationships rather than the individuals – the right approach for the emerging markets where the pre-paid customer is predominant and the information available about pre-paid customers is scarce.

According to Winston Rivero, co-Founder and Executive Director of NEWTOMS, “This partnership will draw a combination of technology, services and skills from NEWTOMS and IDIRO to help operators GET subscribers, RETAIN them, GROW ARPU.”

By combining NEWTOMS’s specialized professional services with Idiro Technologies’ SNA platform, telco customers will mine data from their existing Mediation systems and draw insights from CDRs via SNA technology. This will allow the telco to identify influencers, predict churners, and select targets for successful acquisition and cross-sell campaigns.

Winston Rivero & John Dunne

Pictured L-R: Winston Rivero, co-Founder and Executive Director & John Dunne, Idiro Chief Commercial Officer

According to both parties, this partnership will prove to be most beneficial, as each company’s solutions complement the other. As stated by Winston Rivero, co-Founder and Executive Director of NEWTOMS, “By offering NEWTOMS-IDIRO synergies, we will help our clients to successfully mine their ever-growing amount or CDRs and their rich mine of traffic data, gain competitive insights by identifying key influencers in their networks and execute successful word-of-mouth campaigns, member-get-member strategies, churn reduction and finally improve their EBITDAs.”

According to John Dunne, Idiro Chief Commercial Officer, “NEWTOMS is an ideal partner for IDIRO; they have an excellent track record in Latin America, they are subject matter experts on the existing data collection and mediation system and Interconnect billing solution already deployed in more than 50 sites in Latin America, they are experts offering Mediation, Insight, Action and by combining our award-winning technology and NEWTOMS expert services, we can, together, help mobile operators turn raw data into actionable insights, therefore enabling fruitful action. By integrating IDIRO’s SNA platform with NEWTOMS services, we are now in a position to offer mobile operators an end-to-end solution that will positively impact their bottom-line”.

About Idiro

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Idiro Technologies is an award-winning provider of marketing analytics to service providers and businesses around the world.  Idiro specialises in advanced predictive analytics for telecoms and online gaming companies and is a recognised leader in ‘Big Data’ analytics consulting and the commercial deployment of social network analysis technologies. For an overview of Idiro’s social network analysis technology, watch the short video on the Idiro homepage at:

About Newtoms

NEWTOMS professional services have helped leading operators in Latin America with key-strategic Data Collection-Mediation that have enabled them to launch services such as LTE, SMS, VAS, incorporate new network elements, feed downstream systems and improve CDRs visualization to Financial Executives. NEWTOMS has offered Mediation, Insight, Action to major Telco Groups in the region including largest Operators in Peru, Panama, Venezuela just to mention a partial list.

Media Contact Information

Simon D Rees, Clients & Marketing Director, Idiro Technologies.

+353 87 240 5999

Winston Rivero, co-Founder and Executive Director


Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly speaks at CeADAR ‘Big Data’ events in Dublin & Cork

CeADAR, the Centre for Applied Data Analytics, has held a series of open days in Dublin and Cork, focused on demonstrating how it can transform information or ‘big data’, into insight and into value for its industry partners.

The event entitled ‘Big Data Analytics: Technology’s Hottest Trend’ included a series of prototype demonstrations along with a numbers of speakers from industry and academia.

CeADAR is an industry-led Technology Centre for the development and deployment of analytical technology and innovation and is headquartered at NexusUCD, the Industry Partnership Centre at University College Dublin.

Aidan Connolly Speaking at CeADAR/UCD 'Big Data' event

Aidan Connolly, CEO, Idiro said, “Initiatives like CeADAR ensure that big data analytics continues to move in the right direction. CeADAR’s work is imperative to the success of new developments in the industry. We are delighted to be working with both CeADAR and University College Dublin and predict great success in our future endeavours.”

Aidan Connolly spoke about Idiro’s joint research project on multi-SIM behaviour, as well as appearing on a panel of experts to answer questions about the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

Full article on the events here.

For more information on CeADAR, see here.

Idiro celebrates ten years at the forefront of SNA

Ten years ago today, our company was formed with the mission of bringing the science of Social Network Analysis to the telecoms industry.

Aidan Connolly’s original idea was as simple as it was groundbreaking: to apply the little-known principles of Social Network Analysis, the science of groups, to the call records (CDRs) generated by the mobile phone industry to map customer relationships – and to use these social graphs to help mobile network operators do better marketing.  Idiro SNA, as it came to be known, identifies the influencers and the influenced – and by targeting these people with the right offers, our customers get better marketing results.

Ten years later we have won awards for our ideas and our execution, outgrown two sets of offices and taken on staff from every continent* .  We have worked with customers across the world to improve their marketing results through the power of Social Network Analysis.  We have expanded beyond the telecommunications industry and we have also developed a consulting business in exploiting SNA for business.  Our research team has recently developed the pioneering EDIX algorithm, and our development pipeline is full of exciting innovations.

Tonight we are celebrating our birthday.  Tomorrow we will be back to work for the benefit of our customers.  Idiro would like to thank our customers, partners and staff for being part of our incredible journey.  Roll on the next ten years.


*except Antarctica, where the inhabitants are suitable to be neither staff nor customers.

What about the people who do not use the internet

We, the internet generation (if you are reading this you are almost certainly online) sometimes forget that many people do not use the internet. This week I was surprised to read this report, which states 27% of the UK population still do not use the internet. Note that this measure is different to (and I think more useful than) measurements of internet connections or PCs. We ignore all these people at our peril. A poll predicting the outcome of the 1936 US presidential election got the result spectacularly wrong by polling telephone owners. This was in an age when telephones were for the rich, or at least not for the poor. FDR romped home and the pollsters were left red-faced.

When we dive deeper into the internet penetration statistics, we see that many of those that use the internet stay away from our favourite communications media. Perhaps about half of the Irish population use Facebook, though finding the proportion that uses it regularly is more difficult. How much do non-users of the internet spend? Less than internet users, almost certainly – but still, they are an increasingly neglected market segment. How big is that segment in your country?

The mobile phone ownership stats from the ITU paint a compelling picture. Most countries in the world have over 100% mobile phone penetration. While there are still people who do not use a mobile phone, they are far fewer than for nearly any other medium. Many more people cannot read or write, for example. By focussing our marketing on internet users, and in particular on the users of online social networks, we miss out on a large and increasingly under-served segment of the population. When analysing networks to find influencers (and the influenced) to target campaigns, it is far better to work with mobile phone data than any other publicly available dataset.

Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly to speak at IT Expo Miami

Idiro CEO Aidan Connolly To Speak AT IT Expo 4th February. Panel Discussion Examines How Customer Data Can Reduce Churn, Drive Profitability


Dublin, Ireland 25 January, 2011

Idiro Technologies, the leading provider of Social Network Analysis (SNA) solutions for communications service providers, announced that Aidan Connolly, Idiro’s Chief Executive Officer, has agreed to speak at the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. Connolly will participate in the panel session “Transformational Contact Center Results: Improving the Customer Experience,” set for 12 noon on 4 February. IT Expo will take place 2nd – 4th February at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“IT Expo is considered one of the foremost events for communications technology providers, partners, and users,” said Connolly. “The event continues to be an important vehicle for educating and showcasing technologies that can have a dramatic impact on improving customer relationships, and in essence, building profitability. We are grateful for the opportunity to speak at IT Expo, and discuss some of the emerging trends and solutions that will allow providers to better understand and serve their customers.”

“Idiro has been the standard-bearer in terms of providing advanced SNA solutions to market,” said Dave Rodriguez, president of Technology Marketing Corporation, organizers of IT Expo. “We are delighted that Aidan can join us and share his knowledge and vision regarding the next generation of data-driven CRM solutions entering the market.”

About Idiro

Founded in 2004, Idiro is the foremost provider of Social Network Analysis (SNA) solutions to communications service providers. Idiro’s customers include major operators throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Idiro’s solutions give service providers unparalleled visibility into customer behavior and propensities. As a result operators can cost-effectively reduce churn, sell new services, enhance relationships, and improve profitability.