• Do you want to be part of a global alliance that is at the cutting edge of technology?
  • Do you want to help your customers use advanced analytics to improve marketing results, provide competitive advantage and realise better business results?
  • Do you want to help your customers with churn or acquisition?

Look no further.

Idiro has a partner development program with the objective of establishing relationships with a select group of companies. At Idiro we work closely with all our partners and provide assistance in enhancing their reach and capabilities with Idiro software products and solution offerings.

Partnership engagement – The facts.

Think local, act global: We can provide the specialist expertise of advanced analytics and social network analysis globally. We need like-minded, passionate partners to bring an excellent understanding of your local market and existing customer relationships to ensure our customer engagement runs smoothly.

Two heads are better than one: Business partners can provide a virtual sounding board and provide a sincere source of feedback. The exchange of opinions allows people to expand on good ideas or replace poor ones.

Resource share: Within a partnership there is a division of labour, and better exploitation of resources.

Increase skillset: A well balanced business partnership combines the skills and knowledge of two companies, creating diversity and greater potential for achievement.

Encouragement: A business partner can provide accountability, knowing that your business partner is counting on you to get your actions done, can give the company focus to complete actions for the common good of the business partnership.

Risk: Working with a partner reduces some risk. Not only financially but also being able to depend on resources that otherwise would not have been available to you or that you would have had to outsource.

We are actively looking for organisations that share our passion for customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence to join our worldwide network of partners.

For more information on our partnering programme please contact us at