Analytics & Big Data

Do you have massive amounts of data that you need to analyse and understand? Big data describes large data sets that represent real challenges in managing and analysing due to the huge volumes of data involved. As businesses collect terabytes of information on their customers and products, the challenge of turning this raw data into useful information grows accordingly.

This is where Idiro can help. Our expert analysts and consultants have over eight years’ experience in managing and analysing big data. As market leaders in analytics and big data, we have the expertise to extract data from multiple sources, analyse it and help businesses to identify opportunities that may have previously been hidden from view. By analysing the raw data, we obtain valuable and actionable insights that business can use to significantly improve their bottom line.

Through the use of Apache Hadoop and our own specialised analytical tools, we gather, analyse and manipulate massive volumes of data that businesses have accumulated from all aspects of their operations. In simple terms, we take your company’s raw data and help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, better segmentation of your customer base and more accurate targeting. The end result is that you deliver on revenue.

We conduct analytics for any business with large amounts of customer data, such as:

  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Telecoms
  • Financial services

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