Identifying Families

The family is a very specific type of social network.  Identifying the family – or the household – is now possible using Idiro’s new algorithms.  To learn more, check out this slide deck.


Why focus on Families?

happy family using smart phone and tablet pc outdoorThe benefit of marketing to the entire family or household as a unit is well recognised by the mobile operator community.  Here are some of the reasons:

  1. When the mobile operator captures the whole family group, churn is typically lower.
  2. Many mobile operators are moving to converged services – offering mobile service, fixed voice, home broadband and increasingly TV services.  All of these additional services are purchased by a family, not an individual.  Targeting the family with these offers increases uptake.
  3. In addition to all this, understanding the family unit adds huge richness to your customer understanding.

Idiro has experience of identifying families through Big Data analytics in numerous countries – and the case studies to prove it.

To learn more about the benefits that the Idiro Families and Households module can bring to your company, contact Idiro via: