About Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the study of groups and the behaviour of individuals within those groups. Using SNA, your business can identify which of your customers are key influencers and which customers are likely to be influenced to purchase a new product or service or to churn (i.e. switch to your competitor).

Idiro are global pioneers in the use of Social Network Analysis to predict people’s behaviour based on the activities of the people around them. We help our customers to understand and monetise the behaviour of the social groups within their customer bases.

For over seven years we have been optimising our customers’ marketing and CRM results through SNA and advanced analytics. To date, our team have analysed data related to over 12% of the world’s population amounting to over a trillion transactions globally.

Our flagship product, Idiro SNA Plus, is a scalable solution that can enable your business to analyse the social behaviour of groups, to identify the roles people have within these groups and to predict these peoples behaviour. The insights provided by this analysis enables you to:

  • Acquire New Customers
  • Retain Current Customers
  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
  • Improve Adoption Rates
  • Improve Churn Management
  • Formulate More Effective & Efficient Marketing Strategies

We provide predictive analytics for markets with large customer networks including:

Producing SNA models and scores is only half the battle; Idiro SNA also includes a full consulting service in viral and influencer marketing.

To learn more, contact us via: experts@idiro.com