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Your digital transformation is incomplete without a data strategy
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Your digital transformation is incomplete without a data strategy

The digital future is upon us and harnessing the power of data begins with an outcome-driven data strategy that is aligned with business strategy. That may be obvious, yet a majority of businesses are failing to exploit the volumes of data they have collected. No business can leverage the competitive advantage of data analytics or artificial intelligence / machine learning without a business-wide data strategy framework.

Developing the optimal data strategy for a business requires the identification of the right data assets, data governance and the adoption of a data-driven culture within the company. There is no playbook – each business has to take a long hard look at their strategic and business objectives and undertake their own data journey. With the help of the right partner, data can become a business’ most valuable business asset. Here’s how.

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Predicting behaviours of humans and systems

Are you fully unlocking the value you hold in your customer data? Our clients are among the most forward-thinking organisations in the world, exceeding their commercial KPIs with the wealth of data they naturally collect. 

They increase revenues, retain customers, transform their customer experience, and achieve higher NPS scores. All this is happening while they also reduce the cost of serving their customers.

We use the latest advances in AI and Machine Learning to predict customer behaviour and recommend the optimal intervention for each individual human. We do the same with systems because the way data flows in your company has an impact on your business too. 

Where’s the proof? In the numbers. Helping our customers unlock the value of their data has resulted in an ROI of up to 700%.

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What our clients say:

“The team in Idiro have done a fantastic job on the strategy document. We have been so impressed with their ability to really get a handle on our business in a short space of time and to produce a document that gives us a clear path forward.... We have engaged with a number of external parties over the past couple of years as we’ve sought to define our data strategy. Nobody came close to your team in being able to pull all of the relevant elements together in a coherent strategy. I’d also add that the guys were really great to work with too.”
Liam O'Donoghue
Deputy CEO Ibec

“Idiro is a great analytics company – they have really helped AIB to become leaders in financial and customer analytics.”

Colin Hunt

“Our work with Idiro has demonstrated the value of analytics to the Digital Marketing Institute. Idiro Analytics has proven itself a valuable analytics partner for the Digital Marketing Institute.”

Aaron McKenna
Global E-Commerce Director, Digital Marketing Institute

“Idiro are a great analytics firm to work with, they are creative when you need innovation and commercial when you need performance.”

Chad Wollen
Global Head of Customer Permission Management at Vodafone plc

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Our pioneering work in data analytics transforms the way companies drive customer experience, retention, and lifetime value.

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