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Leveraging GPT-4 with Idiro Analytics: Revolutionizing Business Operations for a Competitive Edge

The New York City Local Law 144 prohibits employers from using automated employment decision tools (AEDT) in recruitment unless the tool is audited for bias annually. According to the law, the employer must provide certain notices to the applicants and employees who are subject to the screening by the AI tool. 

The law will come into force on July 5, 2023. This gives employers less than three months to determine whether they are using AI-driven hiring or screening tools and, if so, take prescribed steps to ensure compliance.

How can Idiro help?

Bias audit​

We conduct an independent bias audit to examine whether your automated tools are biased regarding gender and ethnicity.

Summary publication​​

The results of our bias audit are available in a ready-to-publish summary, as required per Local Law 144.

At our company, we believe in promoting fairness and equity in the use of AI technologies. Contact Us today to learn more about our bias auditing service and how we can help your company comply with the new legislation of the NYC Local Law 144.

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