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AI & Data Talent

Finding great AI data professionals to execute your AI data projects is a struggle. That’s where we come in.

We understand that projects must be implemented quickly and efficiently. Building a team of data scientists, data analysts and data engineers who are highly skilled, motivated and trustworthy can seem like an uphill battle. The shortage of talent within this space is also an obstacle. 

This is why our clients come to us whenever they have to recruit within the AI data and analytics sector.

For the last decade, our talent acquisition team has placed AI data and analytics talent in companies across the world. 

We focus on delivering and exceeding our customer’s expectations while maintaining an accommodating engagement model.

We take full responsibility for the management of talent while they deliver for you, allowing you to focus on project delivery and performance.

Analytics Resourcing as a Service

Strategic Burst Capability

Technical Resourcing

Our team

Whether you are looking for AI data scientists, analysts or engineers for a short-term contract (3-6 months) or a longer-term (including permanent), then we can help you find the right person for your business. Our talent at Idiro Analytics possesses technical and communication skills that come in handy when working with clients. 

Marketing planner explaining her plan to her colleague in Idiro office

AI Data Analysts

Our AI Data analysts are among the most talented individuals in the Irish Market. They have experience in a multitude of industries, including telecoms, banking, pharma, insurance and retail. In addition to this, our AI data analysts have expertise in regulation, compliance, governance, quality control and AI data auditing. 


Our AI data analysts team is well advanced with the most up-to-date software such as SQL and Oracle and has experience working on various multilayer projects for our clients, delivering AI data-driven business solutions.

AI Data Scientists

As a specialist AI data science organisation that delivers projects, we have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the field, so if you are looking for experienced AI data scientist we are here to help. 

Our AI data scientists are highly analytical and well-versed in working with machine learning, AI and other tools. They have extensive knowledge in building predictive models and machine-learning algorithms and proposing solutions and strategies to business problems. 

We work with all the main analytical tools, including:

Idiro analytics employee going through analytical graphs on a tablet for a client
Two desktop screen visualising analytics data in the form of line, bar and pie charts.

AI Data visualisation

If you are looking for experts in AI data visualisation and data storytelling, then we can help. We have a Tableau Zen Master (there are only 29 of them in the world) and a team of experts in all the leading visualisation tools. 

Our AI data visualisation experts work with graphics, charts and multimedia visuals to enhance your data in the most user-friendly way. We can transform raw data sets and quantitative and qualitative analysis into compelling visuals, making complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. 

Our AI data visualisation team works with the most up-to-date tools, including:

AI Data Engineers

Robust and reliable AI data engineering is a key foundation to any successful analytics project. We have an experienced team of AI data engineers who can help you put your project on a solid footing.


Our AI data engineers are advanced in building systems that collect, manage and convert raw data into usable information for your business. Our AI data engineers are able to develop and maintain datasets using your data and improve your data quality and efficiency. Their expertise includes Cloud Computing services such as Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure and many more. Our AI data engineers will make your data work for you!

Idiro's Data Analyst analysing lines of code on his desktop.

Why Idiro as a talent partner:

Providing AI data and analytics expertise is what we do all day and every day. That’s why our people get results cost-effectively and swiftly.

Our AI Analytics Talent service was born from the obvious need in the market for skilled and trusted data professionals, and we are best placed to provide experts since that’s the space we operate in.

All the AI data professionals we place are thoroughly vetted by a team of seasoned veterans who have been working in this industry for over two decades.

We offer permanent or contract solutions depending on your preference for engagement. Please submit your talent request.

Unlike recruitment agencies, we offer our clients a flexible and accommodating engagement model based on their specific needs:

Technical Resourcing

We have a deep appreciation of the challenges you face when you plan and implement your analytics strategies. You need talented professionals for that. We can support you with all technical roles within AI data analytics, AI data science and digital transformation for permanent placements or contract solutions.

Strategic burst capability

We have a roster of experienced and vetted AI data, analytics and digital transformation specialists for short/medium-term placements with specific project delivery skill sets to help our clients meet project deliverables in time and within budget. This can include leveraging our internal resources on a short burst basis to get a specific piece of work across the line.

Analytics Resourcing as a Service

Let us do all the hard work - we’ll support you with experienced and vetted AI Data & Analytics talent at every stage of any project – from beginning to end. We are committed to providing our clients with talent management solutions that are flexible and custom-built to their project requirements and budget, on an ongoing basis or as your need arises.

“Idiro is a great analytics company – they have really helped AIB to become leaders in financial and customer analytics. Additionally, it is great to work with an innovative, indigenous Irish company who have been global leaders in analytics for over a decade.”
Colin Hunt | CEO of AIB
“In Modular we’re always looking for ways of doing things better and smarter. Partnering with Idiro means we are now leveraging the power of data to produce important insights, this has transformed how we make decisions about the future of our business.”
Vivian Farrell | CEO

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