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Pricing Risk
Analysis of Irish Car Insurance Premiums

What factors influence the cost of car insurance for individual drivers? The principle is clear: the cost of an insurance premium is determined by the perceived risk of the policyholder. But what specific elements are considered in assessing a driver’s risk? To demystify this model, our research team developed an automated process to gather quote data based on various factors, such as the driver’s gender, age (as a proxy for driving experience), geographical location, occupation, and driving history. Our comprehensive analysis, visualised in the accompanying dashboard, offers a detailed overview of our findings. We hope this study provides insights into some of the factors influencing car insurance premiums in Ireland, highlighting some of the intricacies behind the complex, algorithmic calculations of car insurance quotations.


Dr. Adrian Byrne

Lead Researcher

Dr. Adrian Byrne, an expert in economics, statistics, and multilevel modelling, is researching algorithmic auditing to enhance model clarity and identify bias, supported by CeADAR Centre and Idiro Analytics.

A Quick Guide to the EU AI Act

Objectives of the Act: ​

  • To provide a clear and precise definition of AI.
  • The Act classifies AI systems into four categories based on risk: The regulatory framework will affect high-risk AI systems. The providers of the non-high-risk systems will be able to follow the code of conduct.
  • The Act proposes regulatory sandboxes to encourage further AI development.

AI systems include any software that produces outcomes and impacts its surrounding environments based on a set of objectives defined by humans. These systems are developed through various methods, including machine learning, logic- and knowledge-based techniques, or statistical approaches.

The definition of AI in the Act is intentionally designed to be technology-neutral and future-proof, ensuring it remains applicable as advancements occur.

The Act applies to any person or organisation, whether public or private, that develops, deploys, or uses AI systems in the EU. It places a special emphasis on high-risk AI systems, which are subject to the most stringent requirements, including mandatory risk assessments and testing, human oversight, transparency, and data protection.

The Act proposes significant fines of up to 6% of a company’s global turnover or €30 million, whichever is higher, for violations. It also allows for legal action to be taken against companies that do not comply with the regulations.

Know the ‘why’ behind AI

AI-driven decision-making is revolutionising businesses. AI tools have the capability to analyse vast amounts of data rapidly, enabling informed decisions based on the insights derived from it.

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Our objective is to promote awareness of the emergent AI ethics movement, fostering engagement among technologists, legislators, scholars, and the public to advance AI ethics in Ireland.

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