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The EU AI Act Summary:

The EU AI Act is a regulatory framework proposed by the European Union to govern the development, deployment, and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe.

The proposal for the EU AI Act is released.
Works on the proposal continue.
The EU AI Act is projected to come into force.
April 2021
2021 April - Present
End of 2023

Businesses will have 12 – 36 months to set up their AI systems to comply with the legislation. 

Objectives of the Act:
  • To provide a clear and precise definition of AI.
  • The Act classifies AI systems into four categories based on risk:
    The regulatory framework will affect high-risk AI systems. The providers of the non-high-risk systems will be able to follow the code of conduct.
  • The Act proposes regulatory sandboxes to encourage further AI development.

The Act proposes significant fines of up to 6% of a company’s global turnover or €30 million, whichever is higher, for violations. It also allows for legal action to be taken against companies that do not comply with the regulations.

Who must comply: 
The Act applies to any person or organisation, whether public or private, that develops, deploys, or uses AI systems in the EU. It places a special emphasis on high-risk AI systems, which are subject to the most stringent requirements, including mandatory risk assessments and testing, human oversight, transparency, and data protection.

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Dr. Adrian Byrne

Lead Researcher

Dr Adrian Byrne is a quantitative social scientist with experience in economics and statistics. His expertise is in multilevel modelling, investigating inequalities at different levels. Adrian is researching “Algorithmic auditing for improving model explainability and detecting bias using sociodemographic data”. The CeADAR Centre and Idiro Analytics jointly support this project.

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