Achieve your objectives with advanced analytics
Idiro delivers fast and effective results
Proven 3x return on investment


We predict behaviours of humans and systems.
Idiro enables organisations to make informed decisions, and execute actions, to obtain value from their data assets.

How we deliver

How we deliver

We use the very latest advanced analytics practices, including AI and Deep Learning

Why you need this

Why you need this

We prove value in each of our engagements with metrics and KPIs relevant to our customers, on average showing a return on investment of 3x


Idiro is a great analytics firm to work with. They are creative when you need innovation, and commercial when you need performance.
A real partner.

Chad Wollen,
Global Head of Customer Permission Management, Vodafone PLC

When we need to scale up quickly for analytics projects, Idiro are my first port of call simply because of the quality of their people

Peter Swan,
Head of Consumer Data and Propensity Modelling at AIB

Our work with Idiro has demonstrated the value of analytics to the Digital Marketing Institute. Idiro Analytics has proven itself a valuable analytics partner for the Digital Marketing Institute.

Aaron McKenna,
Global E-Commerce Director.

We have been working with Idiro for many years now. Idiro's expertise have contributed greatly in building a strong Business Intelligence capability in Electric Ireland.
Our analytics capability - delivered with the help of Idiro - has become essential to Electric Ireland's marketing and customer retention strategy.

Ciaran Hand,
Business Solutions Manager/Data Protection Specialist.

Digicel has been working with Idiro since 2012. Idiro's ability to process and analyse vast volumes of data have shown them to be leading experts in predictive analytics and Big Data. Coupled with this is Idiro's deep industry experience which was a real differentiator for us when it came to choosing an analytics partner. With Idiro, we have been able to improve our customer retention, understand the factors behind their behaviour, and leverage predictive analytics to optimise our sales and marketing activities.

Niall O'Toole,
Chief Commercial Officer.

When searching for a partner in SNA we required a unique combination of analytical skills and ability to take the concept into full operational deployment.
After reviewing people operating in this space, we felt that only Idiro offered that unique combination... they have proven time and time again our faith in them in both aspects.

John Belchamber,
Head of CRM Capability.


Aidan Connolly
Geraldine Magnier
Fionnan Ryan
Brian Sullivan
Simon Rees
Patrick Fenton
Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly


Aidan, founder of Idiro, has over 20 years experience in the IT industry including over 15 years in analytics & CRM for telecommunications, utilities and gaming.

Aidan has worked with numerous companies, including Vodafone Ireland, ESB, AT&T and the European Commission, and graduated from the University College Cork (U.C.C) with a BSc in Computer Science (1990) and a post-graduate diploma in New Business Development (2005) from Dublin City University, Ireland.

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Geraldine Magnier

Geraldine Magnier

Co-Founder and Director

Having been awarded an Honours Degree in Business Management and Finance (B.Sc. Mgt) Trinity College Dublin in 1999, Geraldine started her career working in the Marketing department for a startup project management Company, The Results Group. Subsequently in 2001, she acquired an additional degree in Marketing (Marketing Institute of Ireland) to complement her existing skills and experience. Since then, she has founded and managed businesses both in Ireland and Italy. While Geraldine’s business experience has spanned to cover financial planning, auditing and merger & acquisitions, she maintains a keen interest in early stage company development and relishes the challenges of nurturing and growing innovative young businesses.

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Fionnan Ryan

Fionnan Ryan


Fionnan had been working with Idiro on a part-time basis since early 2013, but has now come on board as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Fionnan graduated with a degree in accounting from DCU and in 2012 he completed a diploma in Forensic Accounting.

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Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Chief Analytics Officer

As a member of the management team, Brian leads the development of innovative marketing approaches using social network data. He leads a team of highly talented mathematicians, database developers and software engineers to process very large network data to help telecommunication companies and gaming companies to drive business value and save costs. He also manages very large data operations to deliver real time social network analysis output for operators worldwide.

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Simon Rees

Simon Rees

Marketing & Clients Director

Simon has worked in marketing, sales and CRM since 1986. Simon started his career in marketing at Cable & Wireless UK, in product management, product development, and project management roles. In Idiro, Simon is responsible for relationships with existing customers and for the marketing function. He also provides marketing consultancy to Idiro’s customers. [aps-social id=”7″]

Patrick Fenton

Patrick Fenton

Chief Program Officer

Patrick holds a degree in Computer Science from Dublin University, Trinity College. He completed a MSc in Business Analytics at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business school in Dublin, Ireland, in 2007. Patrick’s professional career began with Accenture Ireland where he spent over 5 years working on numerous projects in Business Analyst and Project Manager roles.  At Idiro Analytics, Patrick is responsible for managing client accounts, ensuring best practice is delivered for the client, while continuously driving innovation and maintaining integrity on all deliverables. [aps-social id=”9″]

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