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An In-depth Analysis of Car Insurance Premiums in Ireland

What factors influence the cost of car insurance for individual drivers? The principle is clear: the cost of an insurance premium is determined by the perceived risk of the policyholder. But what specific elements are considered in assessing a driver’s risk? To demystify this model, our research team developed an automated process to gather quote data based on various factors, such as the driver’s gender, age (as a proxy for driving experience), geographical location, occupation, and driving history. Our comprehensive analysis, visualised in the accompanying dashboard, offers a detailed overview of our findings. We hope this study provides insights into some of the factors influencing car insurance premiums in Ireland, highlighting some of the intricacies behind the complex, algorithmic calculations of car insurance quotations.


Dr. Adrian Byrne

Lead Researcher

Dr Adrian Byrne is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career-FIT PLUS Fellow at CeADAR, Ireland's centre for AI, and is also Lead Researcher of the AI Ethics Centre at Idiro Analytics.

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