Idiro NCT checker and dashboard

Will my car pass the NCT?

EDIT 7/8/18: Our NCT work featured in the Sunday Independent:  In Ireland, every car over 4 years old requires a roadworthiness certificate, which it gets by passing the National Car Test (NCT). If you're buying a used car, it's important to know how likely that make and model is to

Idiro Analytics case study with Modular Automation - enable real-time data driven decision making

Enable real-time data driven decision making

At Idiro, we empower growth-oriented organisations with the capabilities and tools needed to make effective and quick management decisions that are driven by data and analytics to increase efficiency and productivity, thus helping companies integrate a data driven approach within their ecosystem.Modular Automation, founded in 1986, is a leading global


Predicting customer behaviour to improve customer experience – a case study​

Digicel wanted to improve overall customer experience, reduce churn, and increase revenues. To do this, they wanted to implement targeted marketing campaigns to reach their customers on the right channel at the right time. Idiro provided the intelligence behind this targeting, analysing customer behaviour at various lifecycle stages.The first step

Idiro is a great analytics firm to work with. They are creative when you need innovation, and commercial when you need performance. A real partner. Chad Wollen, Global Head of Customer Permission Management, Vodafone PLC

When we need to scale up quickly for analytics projects, Idiro are my first port of call simply because of the quality of their people Peter Swan, Head of Consumer Data and Propensity Modelling at AIB

Evaluate Your Data Asset through Customer Journey Analytics

The secret to ongoing profitability are three little words “love your customer”. This is not just because of the purchases they make, but the behavioural data they leave behind. In the age of the data-driven business, this is where you will find insights that can be leveraged for acquiring new