How many friends are too many?

Social Network Analysis is predicated upon the assumption that people tend to maintain links with their friends over time, by calling, texting, sending IM and otherwise interacting over various forms of Social Media. However, there tends to be an upper limit to the number of meaningful social relationships that can

Research shows that face-to-face influence is more important than online

We all knew this, right? The Church of the Customer just blogged on some interesting research by Colloquy (as reported by Where do people most talk about brands? Face-to-face, actually! Even among 18-25s, it’s the most popular medium. In my humble opinion, the reason is largely provided by Robin Dunbar’s

Global smartphone market will grow 49.2% in 2011

According to recent statistics by IDC, the research firm predicts that the smartphone sector will grow four times faster than the wider phone market, with Android devices expected to lead the space. Idiro’s recent study on virality also found that smartphones are without doubt the most viral of handsets. We

Number Portability and Vodafone Ghana

As the National Communications Association (NCA) prepares to launch mobile number portability (MNP) in July, operators have started campaigns that will help retain their existing customers and also win some of their competitors’ customers. Vodafone Ghana has taken the lead in an attempt to improve their market share. From last

Lectures on Viral Marketing

DMI students participating in a word-of-mouth marketing workshop Idiro’s director of sales and marketing, Simon Rees, has been busy educating students on word-of-mouth and viral marketing on professional marketing courses. During this quarter he has delivered lectures on viral marketing to students at the Irish Management Institute, the Dublin Institute

New guidelines by Ofcom

Enabling mobile users in the UK to port their numbers to a new service provider within hours. To switch operator, customers require a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from the operator they are churning from. New rules state that operators must provide PACs immediately over the phone or within two2 hours

Next best actions in CRM – Teleconference in May

Forrester Senior Analyst James G. Kobielus will use this conference to help CRM and business process professionals to identify opportunities to implement next-best-action approaches into multi-channel CRM processes, such as those for customer services, sales and marketing. He will be discussing some case studies on various vendors including Idiro Technologies

Switching providers to get a better deal

The latest ComReg Irish Communications Market report shows that in 2010, more Irish mobile phone users than ever opted to switch mobile phone operator and keep their number, with a record 352,140 customers jumping ship last year to get a better deal. The trend intensified in the final quarter of 2010 when more