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Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher

Start your digital transformation with the boost from Enterprise Ireland.

Apply for Digital Discovery grant and get €5000 to cover your expenses.

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What is the Enterprise Ireland Digital Discovery grant?

Enterprise Ireland aims to support businesses with their digital transformation journey. The Digital Discovery Grant seeks to incentivise and support Irish companies to develop a strategic roadmap towards their digital transformation goals and adopt tools and techniques to help them boost their business.

One of the critical points of digital transformation is to have a well-prepared data strategy set in place. The Enterprise Ireland grant will cover the external consultancy costs to help companies develop their digital strategy and promote data-driven culture.

What does this cover?

Optimise internal processes to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

Enhance customer experience to increase customer acquisition and retention

Pivot to becoming a data-driven business to make effective business decisions

Regardless of where you are in your digital journey, we can help you turn your data into commercial assets.

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Business partners

Liam ODonoghue | Deputy CEO Ibec​ 

“The team in Idiro have done a fantastic job on the strategy document. We have been so impressed with their ability to really get a handle on our business in a short space of time and to produce a document that gives us a clear path forward…. We have engaged with a number of external parties over the past couple of years as we’ve sought to define our data strategy. Nobody came close to your team in being able to pull all of the relevant elements together in a coherent strategy. I’d also add that the guys were really great to work with too.”

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