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AI in Business: how existing and new regulation will affect you

Seize the opportunity and eliminate the risk!






Erik O’Donovan

Head of Digital and Economy Policy, Ibec. Erik is also a member of the Government's Enterprise Digital Advisory Forum, where he helps support the government in driving enterprise digitalisation across Ireland.

Barry J Haycock

An AI professional with over twenty years of experience- served as Director of AI for UBB Bank Bulgaria and Head of AI for KBC Bank Ireland.

Dr Adrian Byrne

Lead Researcher at Idiro Analytics AI Ethics Centre and a Marie Curie Fellow Researcher at CeADAR Ireland. Adrian’s research concentrates on algorithm auditing to improve model explainability and detect bias.


Idiro Analytics is a pioneer in AI and data analytics with nearly two decades of experience. Throughout this time, we have analysed the data of more than 20% of the world's population, which gave us unique insights into human behaviour and paved the way for our expertise in customer analytics.

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