How NBA works – Turn your contact points into profit points


Idiro Next Best Activity (NBA) transforms your call centre into a profit centre, by giving your call centre agents the tools to allow them to sell the right product to each of your callers.

A customer calling into your call centre represents a perfect opportunity to make a sale or a loyalty offer after dealing with the customer’s query – yet most call centre staff have neither the product knowledge to make the right recommendation, nor the sales training to close and fulfil the sale.

Idiro NBA solves this problem. Using advanced analytics, NBA's diagnostic engine informs the call centre agent immediately which offer is most appropriate for this customer. NBA then provides the sales script and fulfilment tools for the agent to complete the sale.

And best of all, Idiro NBA works across all of your sales channels.

Idiro NBA

Case Study: Vodafone Ireland


Vodafone Ireland, a market-leading communications company, with one of the most recognisable brands in the world, a strong customer focus and a wide array of service products, made the decision to implement Idiro NBA. The organisation manages 1.8 million+ customers, a self-service website, a 400-seat call centre with an excess of 12,000 inbound calls per day and an IVR system.

Idiro NBA was initially rolled out across Vodafone's call centre and, later on, across their web portal and IVR.

This generated over 220,000 monthly sales opportunities, resulting in almost 100,000 offers and 14,000 monthly sales. These sales generated a monthly ROI (return on investment) of €417,000 - resulting in an annual ROI of over €5 Million.

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