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Guiding Adams & Butler Towards Data-Driven Transformation

The upscale travel agency engaged Idiro Analytics to help improve the situation and set a foundation to enable the growth objectives they were trying to achieve. In particular, the intent was to improve
data storage, collection and retrieval, leading to smoother day-to-day business operations and enabling new business opportunities to be addressed faster and more effectively.


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What our customers say:

“Thanks to Idiro, we have real business insights which would otherwise have remained hidden, and we have a data platform which enables us to optimise our marketing and improve our customer experience – great for our customers, our employees and all our stakeholders”.

Siobhan Byrne Learat | Adams & Butler CEO.

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Main goal

To improve data collection and storage systems to meet their business objectives of increasing sales, acquiring new customers, and improving customer experience.


Idiro Analytics provided Adams & Butler with a road map of initiatives that would enable the organisation to meet its objectives.

case studies

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