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Projects – With over 15 years of experience in delivering advanced analytics projects around the world, Idiro Analytics is your ideal partner when you are looking for expertise, professionalism and a safe pair of hands.

When delivering analytics projects for our clients we are happy to work as part of your team or take full responsibility for the project, starting from strategy and requirements through to ETL, analytics modelling and solution deployment.

Digicel logo on a checkered background on Idiro's website
“Idiro has helped us over the last 7 years to rapidly leverage a top-notch churn prediction model across a majority of our global operations, combined with some consultancy services to help us to gain insights and delight our subscribers with intelligently selected relevant and personalized offers. They always try to use best-in-class and recent machine learning algorithms to improve the accuracy of their models”.
Marc Buekenhout
Director of CVM/CRM and Innovation, Digicel Group


Our work at your fingertips

Our pioneering work in the field of data analytics places solutions at our fingertips to fulfill every individual customer requirement efficiently.