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Where The Needle Lands

It is released on the last Friday of each month. A co-hosted show by Geraldine Magnier and Mahima Badsra, where we speak with worthy thought leaders, covers how analytics and AI impact and influence better or worse our individual experiences, businesses, societies, and economies and nations. It is one of the best Analytics & AI podcasts out there.


Jason Ward shares his views on how cognitive diversity spawns from avoiding echo chambers filled with yes people, netting broader, deeper innovation and creativity. Concerning sales efforts, Jason straddles effortlessly between SMEs and enterprise organisations when selling into them. Added to that, the value of channel partners and the verticalization of customers to truly understand what the customer does. The Dell Ireland brand with its own unique fortes, ensures its rightful differentiation from brand Dell International….as the world moves more to AI, ML and edge computing, Dell Ireland is developing solutions around such innovations by being a base for those types of capabilities that attract investment to Ireland. Along with shared industry leaders, their political outreach efforts for Ireland Inc to remaining competitive and part of the progressing of high performance computing creativity. The healthcare business – Dell’s aspirations and input into this sector and how Dell can support a better delivery for patient outcome. Jason illustrates this possibility of enabling better preventative healthcare initiatives. Plus demystifying IT and data share for the common good, and the new age of human transformation, to the challenges of getting to a 50:50 CXO suite with the IT labour shortage in Ireland generally but particularly around IT female talent availability. Jason provides some of the keys to life acquired through his own experiences and learnings from some on the field as a footballer and off the field lessons of his father, all shaped him to know that anything is possible, being optimistic and a proactive decision maker.

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Jason Ward who is vice-president and managing director of Dell Technologies Ireland with overall responsibility for the commercial and enterprise businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

With over thirty years’ experience, Jason has held several leadership positions within Dell Technologies and prior to that with EMC. He assumes the Irish MD role from his position as Managing Director of Enterprise in the Nordics for Dell Technologies where he was responsible for doubling revenue for the enterprise business across the region. Before that he held the role of Director of Enterprise Sales for EMC across Ireland and the UK.

Jason Ward
VP & GM Dell Ireland
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Idiro Director Geraldine Magnier

Geraldine Magnier

Co-Founder & Director of Idiro Analytics/ Serving on the National Council of the SFA (Small Firms Association)/ Serving on Policy Council of the Dublin Chamber/ Board member of Technology Ireland (IBEC).

Mahima Badsra

An economist by education and a technology enthusiast – having lived all over the world, Mahima finally decided to buy furniture and settle down in Dublin. She is currently serving on the Council of Technology Ireland, IBEC

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