• In 2021, in July, Idiro Analytics launched AI Ethics Centre. 

Who are we? 

  • As pioneers in ML and AI, Idiro Analytics has collected enough industry expertise to lead the way in developing and implementing ethical AI. 
  • We aim to ensure that AI implementations are trustworthy and free from biases and discrimination. 

Why now?

  • In recent years, many high-profile use cases revealed how historic discrimination can affect AI models. 
  • As AI becomes more prevalent within businesses, such concepts as explainable AI, bias detection and AI black box transparency must be implemented in the technologies we build. 
  • The EU AI Act is projected to be finalised by the end of 2023. After that, companies will have 12 – 36 months to comply. (Hyperlink to the EU AI Act page).

What are our solutions? 

  • Idiro AI Ethics Centre fosters collaboration across industry, academia and government to work towards a common goal of assuring that AI technology is built to benefit societies and eliminate disparities. 

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