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Spending too much on Digital marketing?

Are you tired of pouring your marketing budget into the void without clear results? Our Marketing Spend Optimisation (MSO) is a modern-day approach to digital marketing that will transform the way you allocate your resources and maximise conversions.

Improved ROI

Maximising Conversions Without Increasing Your Budget

One of the most significant challenges in digital marketing is optimising return on investment (ROI) without breaking the bank. Did you know that 50% of marketing budgets are wasted because marketers fail to spot when the channel becomes saturated? 

MSO breaks the rules by offering a revolutionary alternative to conventional data-driven attribution methods like Shapley and Markov.

With MSO, you can know with precision how many conversions each marketing channel is responsible for, allowing you to make informed decisions about your budget allocation without increasing your spending.

Improved ROI

Understanding the Customer Journey

Every customer’s journey is unique, making it challenging for digital marketers to pinpoint the exact contributions of each marketing channel. Traditional attribution models like first or last touch often yield inaccurate results and do not answer the main question – How to distribute the marketing budget for the best results? 

MSO uses customer journey data to establish the probability of customer interaction and conversion within each channel. By simulating a customer’s path to conversion, we gain valuable insights into where to allocate the budget to gain the most returns. 

Improved ROI

Data-Driven As No Other

Shapley and Markov models are great for reflecting current spending on marketing channels, but they fall short in guiding the budget allocation. MSO combines customer journey data with marketing spending to determine the best marketing distribution among the channels. 

We conduct simulations across various budget sizes and allocation scenarios to identify the combination that yields the maximum conversions. This innovative method ensures you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Addressing Marketers' Pain Points with MSO

Every digital marketer faces three common pain points: wasted budget, low conversions, and missed opportunities. MSO tackles these issues head-on and provides solutions:

Wasted Budget

Identify which channels deliver results and which do not, allowing you to reallocate resources effectively.

Low Conversions

Pinpoint channels with low conversion rates, enabling you to reduce spending where it matters less.

Missed Opportunities

Discover the untapped potential in your marketing channels, unlocking opportunities for brand growth.

Benefits of MSO:

Informed Budget Allocation

Maximise your total conversion count with data-backed decisions.

Identify Wasted Spend

Recognise and reallocate resources from saturated channels to more promising ones.

Unlock Potential

Uncover marketing channels with untapped growth potential for your brand.

Predict Seasonal Effects

Understand how channel seasonality impacts conversion counts.

Optimise Strategy

Adapt and refine your marketing strategy for key channels.

Start marketing transformation today.

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