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Predicted NPS – Provide 100% insight into customer sentiment using advanced analytics

Predicted NPS

What do your customers really think about you? How many of them are answering your Net Promoter Score surveys?

NPS measures the customer sentiment of your brand offering. It allows you to identify operational, tactical and strategic opportunities for improving customer experience. We apply AI to this which enables us to understand and predict customer behaviour, empowering brands to engage with their customers, team and partners to deliver a superior NPS.

What if you could predict your NPS?

The solution


The drivers of Promoter, Neutral and Detractor Experience via analytics and create benchmarks for the three different experience categories.


Customer sentiment and NPS based on past experience, for the entire customer base and not just survey responders.


Proactively and intervene based on individual customer experience (PX or DX) in order to consistently improve CX and NPS.

Did you know?

According to the Harvard Business Review, 52% of all people who actively discouraged others from using a brand had also actively recommended it.

According to Temkin research, promoters are 4.2 times more likely to buy again, 5.6 times more likely to forgive a company after a mistake and 7.2 times more likely to try a new offering compared with the detractors.

Most organisations with large customer bases use NPS as a means to gauge how well the company is catering to the needs of its customers.

However, NPS has its limitations. One problem is that not all customers respond to NPS surveys. A second problem is that the company NPS score reveals nothing about individual customers. In an ideal world a company should be able to discern a customer’s NPS score without having to ask them. In any relationship you would not ask someone for feedback if you should already know by your own actions that something is wrong.

This is where Idiro can help: we have developed a methodology to predict the NPS of individual customers, providing total insight using survey data along with all the data you naturally collect. This is a powerful metric that allows businesses to proactively address NPS issues before they lead to churn, negative press or decreasing sales.

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