Empowering Modular Automation to make data-driven decisions

At Idiro, we empower growth-oriented organisations with the capabilities and tools needed to make effective and quick management decisions that are driven by data and analytics to increase efficiency and productivity, thus helping companies integrate a data driven approach within their ecosystem.

Modular Automation, founded in 1986, is a leading global automation partner providing end to end, bespoke and build to print solutions for the worlds most advanced medical and technology manufacturers. They have experienced rapid growth over the last few years.

To ensure the senior leadership and management team has the ability to make strategic decisions based on the latest internal data in a timely manner in order to maintain momentum, we designed a clear and intuitive suite of data visualisation dashboards which provide reports that reflect the current situation based on real-time data and are accessible on PCs and smartphones.

“In Modular we’re always looking for ways of doing things better and smarter. We had an abundance of historical and live data on our projects that we wanted to fully utilise to help us understand our business better and inform our decisions. Partnering with Idiro means we are now leveraging the power of data to produce important insights, this has transformed how we make decisions about the future of our business”
Vivian Farrell
CEO, Modular Automation

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