Marketing Insights

By analysing your company's data, Idiro can provide unique insights that will significantly increase the return on marketing budgets.


Sell More

By analysing your sales data, you gain a better understanding of what drives your sales performance, leading to achieving more sales, more quickly.


Operational Efficiency

Idiro provides data-driven insights into your business operations that will help you to run your business more efficiently.


Predict The Future

Idiro uses advanced predictive modelling to help you predict the future behaviour of your customers. Use this information to improve marketing targeting.

How It Works 

1. Scoping
Understand client's business needs and available data
2. Analyse
Analyse and audit the data to produce insights
3. Insights
Present predictions and insights to the client
4. Implement
Client use predictions in campaigns, acts on insights

Idiro has skills and experience in a wide range of industries such as retail, telco, and government.

Idiro's specialist skills include



Social Network Analysis 

Idiro provides predictive analytics for companies with large consumer networks. By using complex graph partitioning algorithms, we can break a very large network into communities of closely linked individuals. The future lies in an ever greater understanding of the complex forces that shape consumer behaviour, preferences and lifestyle - and for over ten years Idiro has been helping telcos to optimise their marketing and increase revenue through Social Network Analysis. Our platform is a scalable solution capable of analysing billions of transactions and the hundreds of millions of users who generate them.


Attribution Modelling 

Before making online purchases, customers often interact with numerous marketing channels, e.g. search, display, social, mobile and video. Idiro uses advanced modelling techniques to determine which channels are contributing most to sales. Marketing spend across the various channels can then be adjusted to reflect the contribution of each channel to sales, thereby optimising the customer's marketing spend.




Data Visualisation 

Data visualisation and business infographics help mould data into a format that can be understood much more easily than raw data alone. Moreover, data visualisations are not only powerful for conveying messages but are also more effective in changing people’s minds. Idiro provides its clients with dynamic, interactive visualisations, empowering its clients by providing the tools to further explore the data for themselves.




Contract Analytics Experts 

Idiro can provide your business with expert data analysts and scientists to work alongside your team.
Idiro have contracts with large multinational organisations, placing our expert staff members into their businesses, in order to get the most in-depth and customised support from specialised consultants.

Our analytics contractors are experts in tools and systems such as

  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Teradata
  • Oracle
  • R
  • Hadoop
  • Red Sqirl
  • Tableau etc.

Learn more about our contract analytics experts and how they can improve your business.

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