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Accelerate your analytics evolution

We’re experienced in building sophisticated solutions for things like:

churn modelling 
next best action
cross-sell and up-sell modelling

We understand the challenges you face as you plan and implement your analytics strategies. We have both specific solutions for particular issues (which you can learn about in the Products section) and analytics consulting services. We are here to support you on your analytics journey.

Need help assessing the current state of your data or analysis processes? We can help. Need an ongoing partner to transform your customer analytics? You’ve come to the right place. 


You can measure our services based on the speed, reliability and effectiveness of what we deliver.  We’re here to be your partner in customer relationships, making the most of the data you have, and supporting you in your journey to becoming a truly data-driven organisation.


Do you have one specific analytics problem you need to solve? Contact us to schedule a call to see how we can help.

Idiro analytics employee going through analytical graphs on a tablet for a client

Analytics as a service

Looking to ramp up your analytics capability? Seeking assistance from data scientists that have met your challenges time and again? Our clients work with us as a customer relationships partner, trusting us to make their ongoing initiatives and their analytics journey a success.


Analytics strategy

We assess your current analytics capability to attain value from internal data assets, and regardless of how mature your analytics capabilities are, we have the resources, technologies and expertise to help you deploy an analytics strategy best suited to help you achieve your business objectives.

Senior Manager going through a business proposal with an executive in the office
Two desktop screen visualising analytics data in the form of line, bar and pie charts.

Data visualisation

Your data is there, but are you able to share it in an actionable way throughout your organisation? Our data visualisation services make all the difference. 


Our consulting

Need a sanity check on your customer analytics strategy, or help to form one? Our analytics consultants can advise on what companies in your space do to succeed in next-generation customer data analytics.

Client explaining their consulting need to their partner

The industries we've worked with

Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Education, Utilities and more

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