Ten years ago today, our company was formed with the mission of bringing the science of Social Network Analysis to the telecoms industry.

Aidan Connolly’s original idea was as simple as it was groundbreaking: to apply the little-known principles of Social Network Analysis, the science of groups, to the call records (CDRs) generated by the mobile phone industry to map customer relationships – and to use these social graphs to help mobile network operators do better marketing.  Idiro SNA, as it came to be known, identifies the influencers and the influenced – and by targeting these people with the right offers, our customers get better marketing results.

Ten years later we have won awards for our ideas and our execution, outgrown two sets of offices and taken on staff from every continent* .  We have worked with customers across the world to improve their marketing results through the power of Social Network Analysis.  We have expanded beyond the telecommunications industry and we have also developed a consulting business in exploiting SNA for business.  Our research team has recently developed the pioneering EDIX algorithm, and our development pipeline is full of exciting innovations.

Tonight we are celebrating our birthday.  Tomorrow we will be back to work for the benefit of our customers.  Idiro would like to thank our customers, partners and staff for being part of our incredible journey.  Roll on the next ten years.


*except Antarctica, where the inhabitants are suitable to be neither staff nor customers.

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