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The return on investment from analytics as a service


Our analytics service is used by telcos across the world to improve marketing performance. This case study describes how a leading European mobile operator deployed Idiro’s highly specialised Social Network Analysis service. This service uses a sophisticated analysis of customers’ calling behaviour to predict future behaviour across the customer base. The benefit to this customer was that customer acquisition rates improved and churn rates fell, leading to an annualised return on investment of over €10 Million. This led to an ongoing partnership with Idiro.


Improvement in postpaid churn predictions


Improvement in prepaid churn predictions


Increased uptake in acquisition campaign

Annual ROI

Over €7.5M from use of Idiro Analytics

If you require further information about this case study or wish to learn more about how Idiro can help your business exploit its data to better meet your business objectives, please contact us.

case studies

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