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Using customer behaviour analytic to retain customers

Mobile telcos consider customer retention as one of the most important issues they face. Idiro uses advanced customer data analytics to predict the customers most likely to churn, thus giving the mobile telco the chance to retain those customers through targeted marketing campaigns. This case study describes in detail how one Western European mobile operator has achieved a return on investment of over 27 Million Euro by using our analytics consulting service for customer retention.

We started by asking the question, “How is a customer likely to be influenced by recent churn behaviour in their social group?”


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Our Social Network Analysis-based analytics solution offers a radically new approach to churn prediction. The benefits of this approach have been proven and can be applied in almost any mobile operator.

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€27 Million

ROI for this project

21% – 25%

Average rate of churn in mobile 

Idiro Churn Pressure™ Score​

Subscribers who are under churn pressure are usually not detected by traditional data mining tools, as they do not exhibit signs of individual churn behaviour – e.g. changes in their usage patterns – making them virtually impossible to detect under standard churn propensity models. To go a step further, they can be identified using the Idiro Churn Pressure™ Score.

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