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Transforming Electric Ireland’s analytics capability


Over the last ten years, Idiro has helped Electric Ireland evolve from running with a very limited analytics capability to an advanced user of analytics. Initially, we worked with Electric Ireland to build a data infrastructure, including a data mart. More recently, we segmented Electric Ireland’s customer base and we now build predictive models for marketing campaigns. All this is enhancing Electric Ireland’s ability to target the right customers, with the right offers, at the right time.

What our customers say:

“We have been working with Idiro Analytics for many years now. Idiro’s expertise has contributed greatly in building a strong Business Intelligence capability in Electric Ireland.  Our analytics capability – delivered with the help of Idiro – has become essential to Electric Ireland’s marketing and customer retention strategy.”

Ciaran Hand | Business Solutions Manager, Electric Ireland

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Main Goal

Build Customer Segmentation Models based on key conditions


Actionable insights to assist with marketing campaigns 


A customer dashboard providing up-to-date insights for more effective decision making

Built churn prediction models and customer value model

case studies

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