Improving customer experience by predicting customer behaviour

Digicel wanted to improve the overall customer experience, reduce churn, and increase revenues. To do this, they wanted to implement targeted marketing campaigns to reach their customers on the right channel at the right time. Idiro provided the intelligence behind this targeting, analysing and predicting customer behaviour at various lifecycle stages.

The first step Idiro had to take was to combine data from multiple data sources then build a data pipeline to manage and put structure to the multiple disparate data sources. Idiro’s own proprietary software was installed as the platform to crunch the data and anticipate customer behaviour.

Using our 5-step process to collect and analyse the data, Digicel experienced a +12% improvement in churn and a +53% increase in repeat purchases.

“Idiro has helped us over the last 7 years to rapidly leverage a top-notch churn prediction model across a majority of our global operations, combined with some consultancy services to help us to gain insights and delight our subscribers with intelligently selected relevant and personalized offers. They always try to use best-in-class and recent machine learning algorithms to improve the accuracy of their models”.
Marc Buekenhout
Director of CVM/CRM and Innovation, Digicel Group

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