Dr. Daniel Birke's book
Dr. Daniel Birke’s book

A former employee of Idiro, Dr. Daniel Birke, has published a book entitled ‘Social Networks and their Economics – Influencing Consumer Choice’.

The book is a practical guide to using Social Network Analysis to understand and influence consumers’ business decisions.  Based in part on Daniel’s experiences during his time at Idiro, the book:

  • Explores network effects and the analysis of social networks, and provides an overview of the state-of-the art research.
  • Looks at consumption interdependences between friends and peers: Who is influencing who, through which channels, and to what degree?
  • Presents statistical methods and research techniques that can be used in the analysis of social networks.
  • Examines SNA and its practical application for marketing purposes.
Dr. Daniel Birke
Dr. Daniel Birke

Daniel’s time as Vice President of Innovation and Analytics at Idiro played an important role in the development of the ideas in this book.  Says Daniel: “My time at Idiro allowed me to use Idiro’s advanced Social Network Analysis technology and the learnings from my own Ph.D in practical, real-world commercial problems.  Idiro is a great example of a company applying SNA in practice.”

A current employee of Idiro, Simon Rees, contributed an appendix to the book entitled ‘Success factors for viral marketing campaigns’.

Said Aidan Connolly, CEO of Idiro “This book will make an important contribution to the practical application of SNA in business.  We at Idiro are all proud of Daniel and are delighted to have contributed so much to the ideas in this book”. The book can be purchased from Amazon.

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