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We help businesses make better decisions by providing the tools they need to analyse their data.


Red Sqirl

A platform for simplifying Big Data analytics on Hadoop

Red Sqirl is a flexible drag-and-drop Big Data analytics platform with a unique open architecture. It also includes an online marketplace for sharing analytical & technological assets. With Red Sqirl, you can quickly and cost-effectively carry out the most complex analytical tasks on the Hadoop ecosystem, enhancing the productivity of data scientists and analysts. If you want to analyse large datasets in the most efficient way possible, Red Sqirl is the answer.


Idiro Next Best Activity

A multiple channel recommendation engine

Idiro Next Best Activity (NBA) transforms your call centre conversations, in-store interactions, web portal questions or mobile app interactions into profits, by giving your staff the tools to allow them to sell the right product to each individual customer.

A customer contacting you, or interacting with your business, represents a perfect opportunity to make a sale or a loyalty offer after dealing with the customer’s query – yet most staff have neither the product knowledge to make the right recommendation, nor the sales training to close and fulfil the sale.

Idiro NBA solves this problem. Using advanced analytics, NBA's diagnostic engine informs your staff immediately which offer is most appropriate for this specific customer. NBA then provides the sales script and fulfilment tools for the staff to complete the sale.

And best of all, Idiro NBA works across all of your sales channels.



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technologies used by Idiro Analytics

technologies used by Idiro Analytics