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Save time and money by not reinventing analytical solutions

Using proven technology eliminates risk from your analytical projects. We have a library of useful technology and products that will accelerate and enhance your analytical infrastructure. 

Whether you need technology on the automation of analytical modelling or a multi-channel recommendation engine (Next Best Activity) Idiro can help. 

Desktop screen displaying the Next Best Activity an Idiro service for Call centre agents.

A multi-channel recommendation engine

Idiro Next Best Action

Idiro Next Best Action (NBA) recommendation engine converts inbound contacts into selling opportunities. The motivation for this is simple: conversion rates for inbound contacts tend to be 25% higher than for outbound. This is because the customer is more likely to be in the frame of mind to discuss the offer and often it can be fulfilled instantly.

Our NBA solution can be used as a central offering engine and rolled out across multiple customer contact points, including Web, Customer Service Centres, and outbound IVR. This structure helps to centralise the offer management across all channels.


Social Network Analysis

Idiro has developed an award-winning solution to reduce churn and improve customer acquisition rates, based on community behaviour. Our platform is a scalable solution capable of analysing billions of transactions and the hundreds of millions of users who generate them.

By helping you understand the complex forces that shape your consumer’s behaviour, preferences and lifestyle, we enable you to optimise resources and substantially¬† increase revenue.

Idiro's Data Analyst analysing lines of code on his desktop.
Data scientist presenting his code for predictive analytics to his colleagues


Predicted NPS

We enable our customers to predict NPS for their entire customer base, and help them streamline people, processes, products and systems. They can now improve overall Customer Experience, reduce operational cost and increase revenue. 

Using Advanced Analytics, AI and ML, our PNPS solution provides 100% insight into customer sentiment and enables organisations to optimally Serve, Sell and Save each of their individual customers.

We empower our customers to be truly proactive.  Based on real-time customer sentiment, they engage with their customers to mitigate risk and improve marketing campaign management and performance.


Algorithmic Auditing

Organisations and businesses are increasingly using algorithms to help with decision-making, but due to lack of oversight, algorithms have been found to be biased against certain racial, gender and class groups. This, combined with data privacy issues, has highlighted the critical need for an Auditor.

Additionally, when the most advanced AI tools are deployed, they risk becoming black-box models that are no longer fully understood by their creators due to their self-learning capabilities.

In response – Idiro has developed a world-leading solution.

Employee reviewing the information after algorithmic auditing

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