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case study : Interpretation of customer data

Interpretation of customer data

The Catholic Primary Schools Management Association (CPSMA) provides advice and support for Chairpersons and Principals of Boards of Management in over 2,800 schools. It collaborates with other management bodies and negotiates on behalf of these schools with the Department of Education and Skills and other education partners. They decided to seek Idiro’s expertise in customer data analysis.

Analysis of a large volume of call records

Data analysed:

  • School location
  • Gender of pupils (All boys, All girls, mixed)
  • School size
  • Deis or Non-Deis
  • Gaelscoil or English
  • 5 years worth of data

Our project was to discover the core drivers of contact the organisation receives and identify any insights that would help to better manage and inform their members and thus reduce the volumes of calls received. To do this, we examined records of calls over a five-year period – approximately 35,000 calls. Summary notes and details of each call (date, time, duration, etc.) were stored in a Microsoft Access database. Idiro took an extract from the database and performed an in-depth data analysis.

Trends and comparisons were made under a variety of headings:

  • School location
  • Gender of pupils (All boys, All Girls, Mixed)
  • School size
  • Deis or Non-Deis
  • Gaelscoil or English
  • Year on year


Idiro conducted customer data analysis and delivered a comprehensive report highlighting key findings in relation to reasons for contact and giving solutions to reduce contact volumes within certain categories. An interactive dashboard was also delivered providing the ability to drill into the detail of the analysis and examine data right down to the individual school level.

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