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case studies

Idiro were engaged by The Pensions Authority to carry out a range of analytics, reporting and data auditing functions.
The outset of the project required an overall exploration and auditing of the data currently held within The Pension Authority’s data warehouse to identify anomalies, inconsistencies or duplication. From there, specific areas of focus were identified for further analysis, updating of existing reporting processes and development of new reports.

Exploring a wealth of data

The Pensions Authority holds many years of data on trends in citizens’ retirement ages, contributions and payments

Ensuring data quality and reliable analysis

This project brought clarity and the ability to improve services for people and planning for regulatory procedures

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The Pensions Authority's mission is:

“To regulate and influence the policy environment so that people working in Ireland are confident that they are making adequate provision for their old age and that their pensions’ expectations will be met.”

case studies

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