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Data analytics for government services

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) required a forecast model to identify the staffing levels that would be required in the childcare and early childhood education sector, year on year to 2030.

35 days

This project was an urgent requirement, and was turned around extremely quickly.

Sophisticated forecast capability Achieved

Ireland’s government can now accurately estimate the needs for childcare and education and take into account trends that arise on an ongoing basis.

We coordinated across multiple stakeholders from DBEI as well as the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, the Department of Education, the Central Statistics Office and the Economic and the Economic and Social Research Institute. The core factors that needed to be considered in calculating the future needs of the sector were:

  • Current Demand & Supply
  • Forecasted population change
  • Changes in level of education or training required by staff
  • Changes in Staff:Child ratios

Data came from the various government departments and organisations to feed into a comprehensive calculation on future demand. Our expert analysts were onto the data immediately. There were significant challenges in the data availability, format and completeness,  and we called on extensive expert advice from stakeholders to correctly mitigate problems and appropriately apply assumptions.

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Idiro delivered a thorough report on the factors that will affect the sector and staffing levels over the years of interest. A required deliverable was also an Excel based calculator that would allow for various conditions to be adjusted and updated forecasts created. We also delivered data visualisation showing the change in demand over time given the set of conditions specified.

case studies

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