Viral marketing comes to life

A man standing on a railway platform using his phone conveying how fast viral marketing is.

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Viral marketing comes to life

Mobile phone operators know better than anyone else that social influence is a huge factor when consumers decide what to buy. Social influence/Viral Marketing is impossible to control, but what we discovered is that if we can understand how information spreads in a network, we can target customers in the right way, increasing NPS, without disrupting brand or relationships. Our targeting delivered a 230% increase in campaign success at a major European telecommunications provider. Find out how.


Increase in overall success


Campaign uptake within social communities


Uptake with Idiro-idenitfied targets


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case studies

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Data analytics places solutions at your fingertips to fulfill every individual customer requirement efficiently and at the right time. Idiro solutions are based on AI and Machine Learning to bring your customer relationships to the next level.

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